Rebooking Wrestlemania 9


Wrestlemania 9, in my opinion was the worst of the Wrestlemanias.  I just finished that year’s Royal Rumble on WWE Network and thought of ways to rebook Wrestlemania 9.  And make a decent card with no Hogan showing up.  Also, no Giant Gonzales. And, yes, I am sticking to the WWF roster from that era.  Also, keep in mind, at that time, Wrestlemania was the normal 3 hour length PPV, not the 4 hours it is now.  

Let’s start with the WWF Title Match, which was Bret Hart defending against Yokozuna.  Yokozuna would not have been hurt if you did the classic 6 or 7 guys ganging up to put him over the top rope in the Rumble.   And instead, have your Rumble winner be……Randy Savage moving on to face Bret at Wrestlemania, with Bret going over.   Bret vs Savage could have been a great match.  Also, eliminating the bogus quickie title win for Hogan.  Plus, Savage did not even have a match on the card….he was commentating!!  


Now, the undercard…..

Tag Team Titles…..Money Inc. defend against and lose to The Stiener Brothers.

Intercontinental Title….Shawn Micheals successfully defends against Bob Backlund.  On the heels of Backlund’s 60+ minute Rumble appearance he deserved better than a lost in the shuffle loss to Razor Ramon at WM9.  

Yokozuna defeats and ends Tatanka’s undefeated streak.  Keep pushing Yokozuna as top heel to his eventual title win, either at King of the Ring or Summerslam.

Undertaker gets his 3rd Wrestlemania win by defeating Razor Ramon.

Now that we have the main event and feature matches set, now the undercard….

The Headshrinkers vs. The Nasty Boys

Lex Luger vs. Mr. Perfect

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Opening match…….Crush & High Energy vs. The Berzerker & The Beverly Brothers


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