Reinventing WWE: What happens when the universe changes?


Another Wrestlemania has come and gone, however this year is truly a changing of the guard. The Undertaker has been defeated and Daniel Bryan conquered the overwhelming Authority to win the WWE world heavyweight championship.

In the midst of all this the WWE Universe sits in utter shock and disbelief that their beloved Undertaker could possibly lose and thus all is lost! I have seen ridiculous posts on how so many people are NEVER going to watch WWE again and this was a travesty. Brock Lesnar rigged the match , went offscript and so on. To this I say “people please!” , put your insanity back in check and get over yourselves! Do you honestly believe that Undertaker was not the one to make the call and say ” I have had enough, its time for the streak to end?”


Kane is all but retired, Paul Bearer is gone RIP, and Taker himself only fights once a year. So with the WWE Universe programming changing soooo much where do we go from here?

Well let’s begin with the ever growing superstars, we have hit a new era people .The reality era, and so many new stars are born and up and coming. The Undertakers streak was the last nail of the oldschool coffin and now we begin anew. To this I say hooray! The last few years have been like the phoenix rising from the ashes as for the first time in a long time  new stars are rising to the top. To quote the late, great Chris Benoit. “Prove me wrong!”

Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro , The Shield , The Wyatts, Dolph Ziggler and so many more. This is the future of the WWE. Yes granted you want your heroes of yesterday but come on folks we all get older and this show goes on. Im sure that our parents who were fans of the Bruno Sammartino’s and Hulk Hogan’s looked at the attitude era and stated vehemently ” I have no respect for these young upstarts, the attitude era will never be the rock’n’wrestling era!”

WWE rolls with the punches time and again , so where are we headed now? Here are my thoughts, The Undertaker will headline next years hall of fame, Kane will be second and they will both be inducted together and separately. Brothers of Destruction. Brock Lesnar will appear tonight to gloat over ending the streak saying he’s done it all and beaten everyone……….. And Sting will appear and say you haven’t beaten me yet. This sets up Sting vs Brock for WM 31. Daniel Bryan will feud with Randy for one more PPV and fight the Authority some more , eventually he will move on to fight someone new. Cesaro? Someone else?

The tag division continues to flourish , the womens division continues to grow. Looking at where the WWE is at very much reminds me of the 1980’s wrestling. Very PG and so focused on entertainment and characters kids can love. Sure you still have the heroes of yesterday that appear every once in a while and im sure that even the deadman will rise again here and there. But let’s be realistic folks, the rock’n’wrestling era is gone, the Monday night wars are over, the attitude era has been laid to rest. You may or may not like where WWE goes but one thing is for sure. It’ll be one hell of a ride getting there.

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Peace and Love ,


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