Remembering Wrestlers & Personalities Who Passed Away in 2020 (2/2)

Wrestlers Who Passed Away in 2020
Barry Scott, 65 (September 10th)

The original voice of TNA Wrestling. When you hear the phrase “Cross The Line”, you will think of Barry Scott’s amazing delivery. Allow yourself to be immersed in what I can only describe as audible chocolate.

Still gives me goosebumps. The last piece of work Barry Scott did for Impact Wrestling was a return to form, as he introduced the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose in a vignette to hype the upcoming TNA PPV. Sadly, the event never took place because of the pandemic. He hadn’t lost it, and it’s safe to say that he truly crossed the line in to our hearts and memories.

Jerry Brown (right), 83 (September 15th)

Jerry Brown was one half of the original Hollywood Blonds. Many may remember The Hollywood Blondes featuring Brian Pillman and Steve Austin, but that team wouldn’t have existed in the same way without Buddy Roberts, Jerry Brown and manager Oliver Humperdink.

Together, they were the most accomplished pairing with a tally of 12 championships from American to Japan. Some of the legendary names they fought include Danny Hodge, Bill Watts, Dick Slater, S.D. Jones, Antonio Inoki, Seiji Sakaguchi, Greg Valentine, Bob Backlund, and more.

Wrestlers Who Passed Away in 2020
Jackie Stallone, 98 (September 21st)

From SLAM Wrestling: Matt Cimber, the veteran television producer who ran GLOW, recalled how Jackie Stallone ended up being the biggest name involved. Stallone was “quite a character,” Cimber told SlamWrestling in a 2017 interview. “She said, ‘I want to be the house mother for the good girls.’ And I said okay. And she was terrific.” The show was pretty fluid, said Cimber, meaning they changed on the fly often. Stallone took that to heart.

“To show you how loose we were, she goes on The Tonight Show [with Johnny Carson] once as a guest and they start talking about GLOW, and she evidently tells Johnny, she says, ‘You know, I own GLOW,’” chuckled Cimber. That night, Cimber got a call from Meshulam Riklis, who owned the Riviera hotel in Las Vegas and was a partner with Cimber on many films. “He says, ‘Matt, did you sell GLOW?’ That’s how loose we were, with paperwork, with everything. I said, ‘Of course I never sold it.’ …. I said, ‘Let her say it, she’s having a good time, she loves it. It’ll be fine.’”

David McLane, the creator of GLOW and the main announcer, told in 2017 that Stallone wasn’t originally part of the plan. He met Stallone in the summer of 1986, and it made a huge difference. After I met with her and she agreed to come on board, it was like gold. We instantly hit all the media outlets with press. We cleared another 30 or 40 stations — and that was it, we were up and rolling.”

Indeed, she was able to get media appearances that most fledgling syndicated TV shows would only dream about. People Magazine featured her in its May 23, 1988 issue, with the memorable headline: “Yo, Mama! The Wrestling Stallone, Sly’s Mother, Jackie, Returns to the Ring with a Stable of Rambettes.” Naturally, it led off the story with the Stallone “rap,” which lives on through the magic of YouTube.

“I’m Mama Stallone, listen to me sing
My girls are champions in the ring
They’re on the go, they never stop
That’s why they’re headed for the top”

Wrestlers Who Passed Away in 2020
Road Warrior Animal, Joseph Laurinaitis, 60 (September 22nd)

What would tag team wrestling be without The Road Warriors, the Legion of Doom’s Animal & Hawk? You could say they still hold the distinction of being the biggest franchise team in the history of the business, as their popularity often rivaled that of some of its singles stars.

Since then, other teams have come along and stamped their claim on being the greatest of all time, but they got over during a boom period. The Road Warriors got over purely through word of mouth and putting in the work, and didn’t enjoy the kind of exposure other teams have had in the past two decades. Much like Sting, Vader and others, they did not need the WWF/WWE to make them household names, because they already were by the time they got there.

In his latter years, Animal was critical of WWE despite his brother John Laurinaitis working there. Animal last appeared on WWE at Raw 1000 in 2012, when he helped other legends to beat up Heath Slater. His last major appearance on TV came to AEW’s first All In PPV event in 2018.

Mr. Meaner (September 27th)

He was a special part of the Detroit wrestling scene for years. Redmon played a huge role in helping to kick-start Insane Clown Posse’s promotion Juggalo Championship Wrestling. Brian Gorie shared a more detailed story of his life, which include tributes from John E. Bravo, N8 Mattson and more here: Detroit-area colleagues recall ‘Mr. Meaner’ Russell Redmon

Wrestlers Who Passed Away in 2020
Drew Game, 39 (October 2nd)

According to his obituary, Andrew Germain worked in the “southeast for 21 years and was a 5 time AIWF Cruiserweight Champion and held the AIWF tag titles. He was known for his kind heart and caring nature. Drew was always there to help a friend and bring that unforgettable smile.” Wrestling events across Georgia paid tribute to him with ten bell salutes.

Lorraine Johnson, 90 (October 5th)

In her day, she was a former NWA Women’s World Tag Team Champion with Penny Banner. After her retirement, Lorraine wanted nothing more to do with wrestling and would often begin her phone calls by rejecting any offers, before any offers could be made.

While my theory cannot be proven, she trained under Billy Wolfe in Columbus, Ohio, so the reason for her behaviour could stem from her being, or seeing others being sexually harassed (this isn’t fact, but Billy Wolfe was known for using girls in this way). She was in it to make money, rather than be stuck doing farm work.As an avid animal lover, Lorraine spent her latter years taking in injured ducks and nursing them back to health.

Her daughter “Baby Doll” Nickla Roberts explains her story here: Women’s wrestling great Lorraine Johnson dies

Wrestlers Who Passed Away in 2020
Len Rossi, 91 (October 9th)

Rossi was one of the most accomplished tag team wrestlers in the history of the National Wrestling Alliance, claiming at least 38 titles with partners like: Jackie Fargo, Johnny Walker, Dick Beyer, Kevin Sullivan and so many more.

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