Who Should Replace JBL on SmackDown’s Commentary Team?


From the Reserves

Quite often when WWE is in this conundrum, the company turns to former wrestlers to fill in the gaps.

At times, this can work for the better like JBL to begin with, but at other times, we get someone trying out something they just aren’t suited for.

Having not watched an episode of Main Event in years, I have no idea if R-Truth is good enough for the position, but he may be a go-to prospect since he’s more familiar with the job than many others would be.

Mark Henry hasn’t been doing too much as of late, so I would be very interested to see what he had to offer as a color commentator for the blue brand.

If Dolph Ziggler isn’t going to wrestle because his current character is frustrated with the lack of support from the crowd, his style could work very well as a bitter heel who runs people down and can bring a lot of passion to the position.

Assuming he isn’t busy, Christian could be a potentially great choice, since we know he can talk and he can play up the heel role really well, too.

I can’t imagine Tyson Kidd being an ace in the hole, nor any of the other producers save for Road Dogg, since at least he has the charisma and a knack for promos.

Perhaps there’s a legend out there just waiting for the phone call…

A Rotating Panelist

What if there’s no right answer to this right now, so WWE can have the best of both worlds by taking time to find the right person while also playing around with many different options?

One interesting idea could be to have this third headset dedicated to a guest commentator which is different every week.

Sometimes, you can bring in an old legend if he or she lives around the area. Other times, you can have an injured superstar so you can get them on TV. Maybe you can test out the broadcast team members like Renee Young or even Peter Rosenberg.

This is a good opportunity to test out all sorts of possibilities without needing to commit to anything that will potentially pan out to be a mistake, and it could last for weeks or even months on end while giving people the impression that it’s new and exciting rather than a mercy ploy to hire new talent.

My Choices

In my mind, I’d love to see someone new and exciting, preferably a woman, take on the heel color commentary spot, but I don’t know anybody who can fit that bill.

Since that’s the case, my go-to favorite pick would be Christian, followed by the rotating panel idea and then Mark Henry to round out the top three prospects.

WWE has had some pretty terrible commentators over the years and I just hope that we get another Paul Heyman as opposed to another Todd Grisham.

What do you think will happen with this situation and what are you hoping for above the rest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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