Report – Tomoaki Honma (New Japan Pro Wrestling) Accused Of Domestic Abuse


According to a story from Yahoo Japan, New Japan’s Tomoaki Honma has been accused of domestic abuse. Kiyoko Ichiki, Honma’s girlfriend of 18-years and herself a former wrestler, claims Honma kicked her in the face.

The incident happened last month, when Honma and Ichiki encountered a woman who claimed to have dated Honma four years ago. There was an argument, and when the couple returned home, Ichiki felt that she was at fault, got on her knees and bowed to Honma for forgiveness. This is when she claims Honma kicked her in the face. She also claims that domestic violence issues began with Honma four years ago. Honma has claimed that Ichiki is the one who has abused him in the past. He is also seeking legal action against her because her claims are damaging his career.

Honma was previously let go from NJPW in 2012 following a ticket selling scandal and allegations of ties to organized crime. Honma is currently teaming with Togi Makabe in the NJPW World Tag League Tournament; new Japan has offered no comment on the situation at this time.

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