Retro Review – ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998


An Al Snow backstage interview. Basically says the title win is a career in the making. 

Cut back to the ring and there are thousands of mannequin heads being held by the fans in the crowd. 

7) Shane Douglas (w/Francine) vs Al Snow

Snow gets a “rave” style entrance complete with obnoxious camera work. Joey Styles gets in the prerequisite “getting head” joke. 

Douglas removes his arm brace. Still not sure if it’s a shoot injury but we’ll get to that later. 

Douglas and Snow lock up. Douglas uses the injured arm for a lot of his offense. Al Snow takes control and works over…. Not the arm. Douglas gets crotched on the ring post. 

Back and forth match. Douglas clotheslines Snow with the injured arm. Awkward atomic drop chair spot to Snow. Snow power bombed onto chairs. 

We get some Candido interference. Snow tosses him onto Bam Bam on the outside. Douglas hits the belly to belly (his finish) on Snow. Kick out.

Snow hits a moonsault to the outside onto Bam Bam and Candido. Snow Plow (his finish) to Douglas. Kick out. 

It’s around this point the entire ECW roster surrounds the ring. I’m assuming it’s to give the feeling of “oh man, Snow is going to do it….” Even though Douglas is positioned as the underdog due to his injury and getting attacked by Taz earlier. 

Snow Plow to Francine. 

A botched top-rope float-over roll-up by Snow. Douglas sits down, traps Snow, and gets the pinfall win. 

**. Not good. A short match that had no chance of being able to follow RVD/Sabu. And the story was just rubbish. Douglas is trying to be this respect demanding heel, which is fine, but he comes across more baby face then anything. I hate the whole injury angle. I’m assuming it’s a shoot because it never factored into any part of the match. Snow worked over the injured arm I think once for about 10 seconds. It didn’t help that Snow felt out of place in a main event match. He was barely even mentioned in any of the buildup. 

Post match, the entire roster enters the ring. They hoist up Snow AND Douglas. Heels and faces celebrate together in an absolutely fucking stupid ending. 

I get it, you’re ECW, you’re the rebels, you got to band together but that ending was trash. 

Final Thoughts:

Mixed bag but I came out with 3 matches that exceeded my expectations (Credible/Whipwreck, Rotten and Mahoney/Candido and Storm, RVD/Sabu). Post watching the event and taking my notes, I checked out what Meltzer thought about the event at the time and he hated the whole thing. 

Anyway, thanks for reading…. Or skimming and checking out how I scored the matches. 

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with another review or blog of some kind. 

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