Review Of The 1/6 “Old School” Raw Edition


Opening Segment

Nice to see Ric Flair out there, it was better that they took the history between Flair and Randy Orton. It made Cena look good and Orton looked scared. To sell their match at the Rumble it still does not make this feel any more important.


Rey Mysterio and The Usos Defeats the Wyatt Family

This was a short six man tag which I am fine with. It looks like Daniel Bryan will be taking the blame for the loss. I am surprised that he did not get a post-match beat down, but maybe they are saving that for later. Developmental that is what they are doing. I like what I see so far. This match gets a 3.5-5* rating.

Big E. Langston Defeats Curtis Axel

It looks like they are setting up Langston – Ryback for intercontinental title. With Langston defeating Axel of late and with the way Ryback was talking on commentary. All signs lead it; I am not looking forward to that match at all. Short, but this match gets a 2.5-5* rating.

Pipers Pit with the Shield

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins held their own well against the quick talking Rowdy Piper. Roman Reigns put him in his place which was awesome. Everyone did well in this segment and executed it well. Nice way to hype up CM Punk verses Piper later tonight.

Alberto Del Rio Defeats Sin Cara

The match was as we have seen a hundred times, it looks like Batista and Alberto Del Rio could have a future program after the Royal Rumble. Maybe a match at Elimination Chamber PPV, This match gets a 2-5* rating.

Rhode Brothers Defeats Real Americans

A good match and another W in the win column for the tag team champions. I have no idea who their next challengers are because they have beaten everyone. This match gets a 3.5-5* rating.

Special Guest Referee match (Sgt. Slaughter): the Great Khali Defeats Damien Sandow

It looks like this feud is going to continue after the finish and Khali’s manger is back. Oh goodie…

Paul Heyman – Brock Lesnar talking segment, Mark Henry gets his arm broken and Big Show makes the save:

Perfect segment, Heyman did the talking, Lesnar did the breaking and Big Show made Lesnar get to walking. It looks like they ended one feud and started a new one. Very well done by WWE on this one.

2 Cool Defeats 3MB

A cool moment and it is cool to see them back. In no way do they still have it as the fans like to chant, but a one off appearance was nice. I would have rather saw the New Age Outlaws in a match, but a change-up I suppose.

Roman Reigns Defeats CM Punk

A really good main event that showed the big man can go. These two tore the house down and the right guy won the match. Roman Reigns is the top guy in the Shield and has thrown gas on the fire. Should be interesting to see them . Also a really cool moment for Jake “The Snake” Roberts returning to WWE. Good for him after everything that has happened to him and getting his life together. Good for you Jake!

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