Review Of The 11/6 Edition Of WWE Main Event


The Wyatt’s defeated The Prime Time Players

Yes have we seen this once before yeah but they always put on a good match. If you’re a fan of old school, stiff wrestling than you have to be a fan of the Wyatt’s. A group that goes in there & beats people up. For the PTP they are a fun group to watch no doubt with good chemistry. Remember kids chemistry is good & you don’t have to have the knowledge of Walter white to know it. Seen it before but still good 2.5-5* Match.

Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox

A standard Diva’s match that saw the right women go over. There is not much to say about this match as it just leads to the continuation of the storyline. Nikki was thrown back into the fire right after her injury which is the best for her. As for Fox I said it before so let’s say it again. Decent in ring worker that has nothing that pops out to you as star. Watchable 1.5-5* Match.

The Usos defeated Camacho and Hunico

A fun match that gives the Uso’s more momentum on their run. WWE has really built up the tag division & this is just another of a thrown together team with Camacho & Hunico that works well with each other. Fun back & forth action match 3-5* Match

Overall Thoughts:

They didn’t have the advertised match on the show which was a letdown but the revolution of tag team wrestling in WWE is fun to watch all the new teams. If you like tag team wrestling check this out.

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