Review Of The 12/11 Edition Of WWE Main Event


Welcome to WWE Main Event, we are airing from Portland, Oregon with tables, ladders and chairs surround the ring.

Curtis Axel Def. Dolph Ziggler in 14:26

AR’s Truth: A slow match at first but it got good down the stretch. I know Axel is on the pre-show but Ziggler feels more important so the finish makes me believe they are trying to shield him from a clean lose. This leads me to believe he will get a win over Fandango at TLC. A solid opener but nothing to go out of your way to see, good but not great 3.-5*match.

Natalya Def. Alicia Fox in 5:02

AR’s Truth: An enhancement match for Natalya going into TLC which was well done. I think Alicia Fox got a bit more offense then she should have but overall got the job done. Decent divas title match 2-5* Match.

Xavier Woods and R-Truth Def. Tons of Funk in 12:27

AR’s Truth: A better match than what I was expecting and they actually gave them some time to work. This shows you that given more than three minutes, comedy gimmicks can put out a decent to good match. Now I’m not saying it was a classic but not a snore fest either. Nice way to end the show and will see you next week. Decent 2.5-5* Match.

This episode saw a good amount of in ring time but also a nice dose of hyping this Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view with the video packages alongside the table, ladders and chairs surrounding the ring.

Thanks for reading.

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