Review Of The 12/12 Edition Of TNA Impact!


Opening Segment: Kurt Angle ruins “Feast or Fired” hype and he brawls with Bobby Roode.

AR’s Truth: Good intensity by both men but their feud over shadowed the “Feast or Fired” gimmick that is supposed to be a big deal. For something as important I don’t think it was the right segment for the gimmick matches. I like the intensity from both men and it gives it a certain edge to start the show. Hot start to the show, also they are having the best feud in TNA right now. Awesome stuff from both guys story.

Joseph Parks and Eric Young Def. Bad Influence in 5:30

After the match, Eric Young got on the microphone and said it got crazy. EY says that he knows why he can’t find Abyss is because he is Abyss. Joe Park shakes his head in disbelief.

AR’s Truth: A decent match that flowed very well. It was laid out very well and finally Parks knows that he is Abyss. Now the question is, do they keep the Abyss character or Joe Park? I prefer Park just because we get more of a personality out of that character. Decent match 2.5-* Match.

EC3 – Sting talking segment

AR’s Truth: I don’t see EC3 winning the “Feast or Fired” match but it more looks like they are setting up Sting versus EC3. It gives the Mr. Carter a good rub but with what we saw from the Magnus match at BFG, how much of a rub can Sting give him?

Rockstar Spud is still looking for AJ Styles house. He finds where he lives from a gas station attendant.

AR’s Truth: I am really starting to like Rockstar Spud; he is way over the top which makes him entertaining. Good stuff here kid.

Gail Kim calls out her next opponent but ODD comes down to the ring. She says that she has already beaten her and to get out of the ring. ODB says that she isn’t out here to face Kim but to take on Led’I Tapa. She attacks them but eventually Tapa and Kim gets the advantage. They beat her down until Madison Rayne comes down to the ring to make the save. ODB and Rayne clear the ring and all four women stare off.

AR’s Truth: It’s nice to see Rayne comeback after she gave birth to her baby. She will bring an old name with a fresh storyline into the mix. I think she will be the knockout who finally dethrones Kim as champion. So far there has been one match in the first hour but no need to hate as they are simply setting up programs.

Dixie Carter, Jeff Hardy and Magnus talking segment about their world title match next week.

AR’s Truth: The match stipulation sounds weird but should be interesting to see how it all works out. Good promo’s from both guys but Hardy was trying to get the crowd from being dead and Magnus knocked it out of the ball park. They should put on a hell of a match but with this promo I think there is one real clear cut candidate.

X Division Title Match: Austin Aries Def. Chris Sabin © in 6:25

AR’s Truth: A good back and forth action match but I cannot stand Sabin as a heel. For some odd reason it drives me nuts. Is he playing the character well? Yes but there is something about it. I wish they would have built this up a bit more for a title change. There will be more matches down the road from these two, just because of the finish of the match. Good match 3-5*.

Mr. Anderson does a quick promo before the match, he just says he will be the new world champion and introduces himself. Bully Ray attacks him from behind. Ray hits the piledriver on the stage then speaks like he is in the 1400’s about how good will overcome evil, He says that Anderson ruined his future so he will ruin Anderson’s.

AR’s truth: good to see Bully Ray back and his promo was different but I thought I was in history class again. As expected this feud will continue as it should.

Feast or Fired Match:

Winners: Gunner, Zema Ion, Chavo Guerrero and EC3 are the men who got a briefcase.

AR’s truth: I’m going to be a big negative here warning. That was a cluster miss up. Never had a flow and too many working parts at once in a match. Now onto the good, I like the concept and it changes things up. Even though most titles won’t change hands, It does give guys an opportunity that they usually will not. None the less 2-5*Match.

Dixie Carter is in her VIP lounge and Jeff Hardy walks end. He sits down and that’s how we end this weeks Impact!

AR’s truth: I think they just wanted to throw viewers off on that segment. Now way they would turn Hardy after that last disaster two or three years ago.

Final Verdict: This had a hot start and I like talking segments in a wrestling show but that was too much for my liking. One match in one hour, I understand that they had more wrestling in the second hour and yes I added that they were setting up programs down the line. It did feel like some filler and unnecessary stuff. Next week’s show is going to be big and the company needs to deliver.

Thanks for reading and will see you next week.

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