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Welcome to WWE Smackdown Review, we are airing for Portland, Oregon.


Daniel Bryan Defeats Erick Rowan Via DQ in 4:00

AR’s Truth: For what it was it was decent but more of a teaser of what we’re going to get this Sunday. We have seen this before but this time Bryan gets the upper hand on the Wyatt clan. I still don’t know how this is going to turn out with a three on one handicap match and if Bryan can win against them. Not bad 2.5-5* Match.

Real Americans Def. Rhode Brothers In 7:08 of ring time

AR’s Truth: This was a decent match but I felt like it was just more filler and a sample of what we can expect this Sunday. The fatal four way should be good, WWE has a good track record of having it planned out well so it will not turn into a cluster mess up. Decent 2.5-5* Match.

Wade Barrett does his bad news segment; he says that the fans are loser because their opinion doesn’t mean anything.

AR’s Truth: I like Wade Barrett but I think most people can agree this is not working. He is getting heat from the fans but it does not transition to TV well.

Mark Henry Defeats Damien Sandow Via count out in maybe 1:30?

AR’s Truth: All this was is to get some leverage on Sandow, honestly almost a waste of time because how much does this do to Langston? It’s supposed to get into Langston head but I don’t think it went over well. At least their doing something with the title right now, NA Rating for this match.

AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka Defeats the Bella Twins in 3:00

AR’s Truth: First off the match was Okay, What stood out to me was how bad Natalya was on commentary. I felt like she was trying to sell me something, I understand she is trying to hype up her match but it felt like she was a host of the home shopping network. Hey don’t blame me they have good deals! Basic tag match overall 2-5*

John Cena talking segment, hyping up TLC PPV

AR’s Truth: I am not a Cena fan or a hater for that matter. I can’t stand when Cena wants to be back in middle school with his corny jokes but when he is serious; he is one of the best at doing so. He can sell a pay-per-view like no other. If he is in a feud with Punk, Rock or in this case Randy Orton. It brings the best out in him and gets down to business. Good stuff here by the World Heavyweight champion.

The Shield Defeats The Usos in 8:30

AR’s Truth: What a tag match! The Shield seriously can go with anyone in the WWE and has some awesome finishes to their matches. This doesn’t hurt the Uso’s at all because they brought it to the Shield. “The Hounds of Justice” did what they had to do to get this job done and looked strong doing it. We will seriously miss them when they split up. Good match 3.5-5*

CM Punk is backstage talking about how he is ready for a fight and they need to be concerned about how he exposed their weakness.

AR’s Truth: honest to god, I only understood only a couple of things he was talking about. It seemed like he was mumbling over his words and this was not the best from the “Best in the World” The intensity was good but seems like someone in doubt instead of someone who is confident.

Big Show Defeats Ryback in 1:20

AR’s Truth: What is the point? One week you build Ryback and Curtis Axel up then the next week they job in a minute to guys who are close to retirement.

Bray Wyatt does a backstage promo about how Daniel Bryan is a trader. He sings a song and says he sings it before he puts his other pets down.

AR’s Truth: Bray nailed another one out of the park; he has the best promo skills for young and upcoming talent. This is just a sample of what is going on down in Florida. Look out for the next generation talent.

Final Segment: Randy Orton gives his apology to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H says don’t worry about it and he knows where his faith lies.

AR’s Truth: Orton kissed up to Triple H no doubt and a nice way to end Smackdown. Triple H gave off that sense that he is not backing Orton in a way but none the less does Orton really care if she is alright? A couple years ago he Spiked DDT her in the ring. Come on man!

Final Verdict: This was a good job of selling the pay-per-view and the show was really built around it. WWE got on the track of that and has done a good job of building up the main event. We will see how all this pays off with the buy rate down the road.

There were a few good matches on her but I think overall WWE will get negative reviews. The second hour dragged and unnecessary matches / segment.

I’ll give it a 5-10 * show rating.

Thanks for reading along and will see you next time.

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