Review Of The 12/19 Edition Of TNA Final Resolution


Welcome to TNA Resolution review, we are airing from Orlando, Florida.

Opening segment: Magnus-Jeff Hardy talking ys AR’s Truth: A good intensity from Magnus but was it really necessary to bring up Jeff Hardy’s past addictions? For the casual fan, if Hardy won the title, it would look bad on the company right? They did do a nice job of bring up 10-10-10 where he turned heel. There is a certain doubt that Hardy will becomes forces with Dixie but the suspicion was a nice touch.

Best of Three Falls: Bobby Roode Def. Kurt Angle in 2-1 falls in 14:30

AR’s Truth: What a match, both men worked hard and gave a good story to the crowd. With the finish I’m not sure if this ends or continues the rivalry with both men. I’m going with it continues but where does it go from here? Anyways great match 4.5-5*.

Kurt Angle is shown in the back, he is processing the defeat and he doesn’t know what his next move is.

AR’s Truth: Angle is trying to hint a retirement but this is just another installment of their feud.

A video package of the history between Gail Kim and Madison Rayne is shown.

AR’s Truth: Finally we get a recap of their history because the announcers did a terrible job last week.

Eric Young – talking segment Joseph Parks, It is announced that Parks will take on Bad Influence in a monster ball match next week.

AR’s Truth: some people will bash this segment but it was entertaining and got the message a crossed. It looks like we will get abyss next week and maybe finally end this story. Once Joe Park bleeds he will turn into Abyss and win the match. See what they’re doing here?

We are in the back; Dixie Carter gives a quick speech then lets the men open their briefcases. Zema Ion opens X division title shot, Gunner gets world heavyweight title shot, before the final two can open theirs, Sting interrupts and says did anyone give Chavo a hand out but he says no. Sting says that this situation sucks but he has a deal for EC3. They have a match and the loser will have the case but EC3 says he will keep the briefcase. Chavo Guerrero gets the fired one and EC3 gets the tag team title shot. Sting comforts Chavo but says the beginning of the end is for the carters.

AR’s Truth: the segment itself was what it was but there was two main focuses out of this segment. Gunner and James Storm continue to have a problem which I could care less about and EC3 will eventually fight sting. I like they are going to have Sting put over EC3 and even though the match was not the best when he did the same for Magnus, it will boost EC3 into having extra momentum.

ODB & Madison Rayne Def. Gail Kim & Lei’D Tapa in 5:36

AR’s Truth: A fun tag match that does a very important thing, we finally get a new number one contender to Kim’s title. I think she gets the gold in the long run. They have a history they can build on/ add to it so it will be a refreshing feud. Decent 2.5-5* Match.

TNA Title Tournament Final in a Steel Cage “Dixieland” match: Magnus Def. Jeff Hardy in 16:30

AR’s Truth: Both men worked hard and it made for an entertaining match but the steel cage got in the way of this match, they never actually wrestled their match but instead. It was a who can pull down who the most but at the end they both just climbed the cage. The finish made sense and a way to write Hardy off due to the upcoming UK Tour. Will Magnus be a good champion? Only time will tell but the set-up is good. I’m saying he will go full heel with Dixie but instead just saying plain No! Good but not great match 3.5-5*

Final Verdict: This was a well done episode of TNA and the it felt like a special show with the quality of matches. Yes there was only three but they made up with it, through story telling which is very important. They have a lot to go build off this show and really looking forward for the on coming weeks.

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