Review Of The 12/19 Edition Of WWE Main Event


Welcome to WWE Main Event review, we are airing from Austin, Texas.

Opening Segment: Mick Foley comes out as Foley Claus then Ryback and Curtis Axel interrupt him; they say that’s what happens when you stop working out. They continue to make fun of him but the Miz stands up for him. Santa makes a match for later tonight between Axel and Miz.

AR’s Truth: Yes that was very childish and nonsensically but it’s for the kids so we put up with it. At least we got Mick Foley portraying him instead of a paid actor. The match is the main event by the way because you know they don’t remember the original format of the show. Anyways happy holiday’s folks and have a merry Christmas.

R-Truth and Xavier Woods Def. 3MB in 10.35

AR’s Truth: An ok match but more importantly it was about Woods getting ring time and he sure did. They had plenty of time to work but nothing special. Woods and Truth is a good team that could be challengers down the road for the tag team titles but not anytime soon. 3MB is well their just 3MB. Ok 2-5* Match.

AJ Lee Def. Kaitlyn in 4:42

AR’s Truth: Both women worked hard and put on a good match, the problem is they put on a better match than the one that came before them. Kaitlyn acted like she didn’t want to be there and I haven’t seen her on WWE programming since her and AJ Lee’s feud. They have good chemistry and a nice plus to a show that has been going down noise first since the get go. Good 3.5-5* match.

The Miz Def. Curtis Axel in in 8:34

AR’s Truth: A decent match with me leaving more confused than before. Is Miz a heel or a face? It’s as if WWE doesn’t even know where they’re going with his character. It’s getting annoying trying to keep track if you care and honestly I’m to begin not to care. This match was decent at best but nothing once again memorable.

Final Verdict: This episode was a down grade I’m assuming because of the holiday schedule. Honestly the only good match on this show was the divias match, other than skip it. It’s the same stuff you seen in June from the ladies but yet still it’s a refreshing match.

Overall rating: 5-10* show rating.

As a reminder there is not a telecast for WWE Main Event next week due to Christmas.

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