Review Of The 12/20 Edition Of WWE Smackdown


We are airing from Austin, Texas


Opening Segment: Main Event made from Randy Orton, John Cena and Daniel Bryan promo’s

AR’s Truth: an ok opening segment but Orton was boring and more than usual. A lot of people give him crap but that was horrible. Bryan stole the spotlight here and it looks to be a three way looming at Royal Rumble.

Big E Langston Def. Jack Swagger

AR’s Truth: Short, simple and to the point. I’m glad they kept it short and whatever feud they have it is going somewhere but not sure where yet. I am starting to be a fan of Langston and is could be really something down the road. Needs more microphone time but learning from Mark Henry will do him good. Squash 2-5* Match.

Brie Bella Def. Tamina Snuka

AR’s Truth: A decent Diva’s match but nothing special, yeah Natalya looks like your rematch is not going to happen as it appears Brie Bella is the next challenger. No complaints there but its another case of been there and done that. Repetitive is a better word, Oh yeah by the way AJ Lee do cook breakfast for CM Punk?

Sin Cara Def. Drew McIntyre

AR’s Truth: JBL said on commentary it’s like we got a new sin cara actually we did. It was an enhancement match for Cara. He hit all of his signature moves and called it a night. Watchable 1.5-5*

Tensai Def. Brodus Clay

AR’s Truth: Alright his show what is happening? It’s going downhill really fast. Does anyone care about this feud? If so let me know but come one, yes it was short but this feud needs to end soon. Ok 1-5* Match.

Wyatt Family Def. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

AR’s Truth: Good match with an awesome finishing sequence but I’m not a fan of the champions losing every other match but the Wyatt’s could be and like I predicted the next tag team champions. Good stuff here, Good 3.5-5* Match.

Damien Sandow Def. The Miz

AR’s Truth: I officially think WWE has lost their minds with this Christmas match for Raw, also in other news the Miz yeah I could care less if your good or bad because you’re getting coal in your stocking but not that kind (Michael Cole)

Fandango Def. Kofi Kingston

AR’s Truth: an okay match but it seems like Fandango is back on the good side of WWE, he has his entrance and a winning streak back. I’m not sure where this goes but he has potential. Ok 2-5* Match.

John Cena and CM Punk Def. The Shield Via DQ

The Shield beat down both men after the match and hit the Triple powerbomb on Cena and Punk but wait, Big E. Langston clears the house and stands off with Roman Reigns to end Smackdown.

AR’s Truth: A good match but really a one sided affair by the Shield. It looks like the Shield is targeting Cena more often now but where does Langston fit in to this feud. Maybe a Reigns and Langston feud for the intercontinental title? I’d like to see that, good match 3.5-5*

Final Verdict: This entire show was almost skip able, not trying to be negative but it is a repeat of what we have seen. How many times can we see a Shield six man tag, or the same old Randy Orton, John Cena promo? If you want to see them same matches and promo’s you see on Raw then check this out but don’t feel too bad if you skip it. Decent but repeated segments 6-10* show.

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