Review Of The 12/23 Edition Of WWE Raw


Opening Segment: The “Authority” and Randy Orton wishing us a merry Christmas.

AR’s Truth: An OK segment but nothing special, everyone was happy and no real reason for the segment. Orton was not in character and passive.


12 Divas Jingles Bell Match: Team Total Divas Def. The Rest of the Division

AR’s Truth: I understand the match and have no problem with it but why would it be the first match of the night? Divas always get the gimmick based matches and I wonder why? Anyways a basic divas match 2-5* Match

Sin Cara Def. Curtis Axel in 5:00

AR’s Truth: Honestly a forgettable match but Cara keeps on shinning and it was a bad planned enhancement match. Cara got to speak before the match so his push looks to be continuing for a bit longer. Decent but forgettable 2.5-5* Match.

Batista airing promo is shown for a return for Raw on January 20th

AR’s Truth: Ok I get it got leaked online but why advertise his return? It is a week before Royal Rumble, so why could he not just return then. That is one of the best things about that PPV of who will return. UGH

The Wyatt Family Def. Daniel Bryan & Rhode Brothers in 22:26

AR’s Truth: A good match but we have seen it before, Bray being in the match made it feel special no doubt. The Wyatt family looks like a serious contenders for the tag team titles and I still think they’re the next champions. This match continues the current feud but does not advance anything. They got some serious TV time which is a nice change, Good 3.5-5* Match.

Present on a Pole match to earn a WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Fandango Def. Dolph Ziggler in 4:44

AR’s Truth: No Vince Russo is not back on the creative team, they just called him to ask him for an idea and that’s why we got this match. The match was fine but I have never been a fan of the on a pole match. I like the push for Fandango but as a Ziggler mark I wish they would do something with him. Nice match 3-5* Match.

The Usos Def. The Primetime Players in 4:34

AR’s Truth: the match was fine but seen it before. The USO is really good but with two top teams in front of them, it is simply not their time. Future multiple champions in the wings. Decent but nothing special match 2.5-5*

The Battle for Christmas: Mark Henry Def Damien Sandow in 3:10

AR’s Truth: The match was fine and for the kids. The whole show was hyped around this match and it went three minutes. That is the only negative part, why, why and more why. Hmmm I would take a cup cake (Henry slammed a pan of cupcakes in Henry’s face) Ok 2.5-5* Match.

Los Matadores Defeats the Real Americans

AR’s Truth: an OK match but I just feel like Los Matadores are not here to stay just because of their gimmick so why invest in them? OLE!

Ryback Def. Kofi Kingston in 5:43

AR’s Truth: A decent match that was one of the better matches Ryback has had in a while but still two lost characters that have no direction, I hate that kind of booking but alteast he got a clean win. Decent 2.5-5* Match

John Cena & CM Punk & Big E. Langston Def. The Shield Via DQ

AR’s Truth: Another good match by the Shield and I get we will miss this but covering them twice a week for I don’t know how many months in a row honestly gets old. A good ending to what was not a very good show. The end of these matches is what is so cool about them. Good 3.5-5* Match.

This show never got off on the good foot and it showed. Nothing very creative here except a bunch of matches thrown together and to see what sticks. That is not the best of booking yet I try not to be too negative but how can take a lot of positives in this show. Yes they had some decent – to good matches but nothing that stands out. The guys and gals tried hard but it never met its hype.

The one match that was advertised only went three minutes, they had one in ring talking segment that furthered any storytelling and that was not even much. I even wrote a column about it earlier today, I don’t think WWE should have a show on Christmas week due to the poor quality of the shows. That is just my opinion but this show just felt like filler.

This show was honestly all filler and matches we have already seen before, not only due to the holidays, NFL and how poor this show was, WWE should not expect a good rating for this show. Online feedback was not good but hey maybe it is my own fault I watched it.

WWE needs to rebound in a good way next week but with another holiday edition on their hands the only positive they can take away is that is live so maybe and hopefully they pick their game up.

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