Review Of The 12/27 Edition Of WWE Smackdown


This was a fast paced show that did not drag at all for me, the show was well balanced with single and tag team matches that worked well. We usually get a dominating or over load of tag matches on the events of late. I think WWE should stick with this formula as tag team matches are predictable for most of the match they book.


Here are some quick takes from the show that I took away from the show:

Opening Segment: John Cena talked and talked and more talking but nothing special here .Yes it’s nice to see him on Smackdown again but all this was made for to enhance the show and announce some matches for tonight.

The Wyatt Family Def. The Uso’s

A very quick match but WWE got the point over that and it’s who can stop the Wyatt’s? That is the thought in peoples head but it’s a shame that the Uso’s have to be the victims in this. I think someone else could have jobbed and still get the message over. But hey it’s a nice win for the family, NA Rating.

Antonio Cesaro Def. Cody Rhodes

These two superstars put together nice match and I am thankfully for the singles match. I like tag team matches but it’s a nice change to a nice feud. I’m not sure if the Real Americans are the challengers or the Wyatt Family is but hey if it’s up to me let’s do a three way for the titles. Decent but smooth match, 2.5-5* Rating match.

Prime Time Players Def. Ryback and Curtis Axel

A Watchable match but nothing special, I think Ryback and Curtis Axel are the new job squad wait isn’t that 3MB job? Come on now, anyways it’s a skip able match that we have all seen before. 2-5* Rating match.

Randy Orton Def. Dolph Ziggler

A really good back and forth action match, WWE gave them time and had a good match. The champion looked like he could lose which made Ziggler look good and how he barely lost might have been a way to protect Ziggler but he has been on a losing streak as of late, so keep that in mind. 3.5-5* Rating match.

Daniel Bryan Def. Damien Sandow

A fun match but was short yes and also got the job done, these two work well together and down the line could have a good technical match. I still don’t know if Bryan will go for the WWE world heavyweight title but looks like he will continue to feud with the Wyatt Family. 3-5* Rating match.

Big E Langston Def. Dean Ambrose

This was a fun match but did not get a ton of time, they work well together and even on commentary they noted that the two could have a unification match down the line. I love that idea but that is up to debate within the fans. Ambrose was quoted as saying “I would unify my championship with his but I want the new title to be mine” this folks will lead up to something down the line. 3-5* Rating match.

Roman Reigns Def. Mark Henry

This match was what it was, two big guys going at it; they did not have much time but nothing short of decent. These two could work down the road with each other and I would enjoy it.

John Cena Def. Seth Rollins

The Main event was good down the stretch but Cena was selling for most of it. This was not my cup of Soda to say the least. Rollins proved that he could hang with the top stars and it was good showing for him. If you are a fan of Rollins and his offense then check this out. Good 3-5* Rating match.

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