Review Of The 12/30 Edition Of WWE Raw


Opening Segment: CM Punk – the Shield interact

All men did their parts in this segment; Ambrose was perfect but when watching this. I was thinking, what oh no this is the beginning of the end for the Shield. The best faction since the Nexus, that WWE has put together will truly be missed.


CM Punk Defeats Seth Rollins

Awesome match, that is all. No seriously, both men worked very hard and had a heck of a match. The first half hour involves with these two. Please WWE keep in mind this is how you book a TV show. This match gets an 4-5* rating

Dolph Ziggler Defeats Curtis Axel

Both men worked hard and put out a decent to good match. Dolph Ziggler needed the win badly and finally got one. Talent is talent and that shows it right there. Curtis Axel needs to break away from Ryback to make an impact on his own. The vignettes remind me of his father (Mr. Perfect).

Intercontinental Title Match: Big E. Langston © Defeats Fandango

Big E. Langston continues to be one of the many up and coming superstars who are on the rise in the land of WWE. Both guys did what they could but I felt this match never got going in the direction they wanted too. I doubt we get a real program down the line, but maybe a one or two off match on Raw and or Smackdown. This match gets an 2.5-5* rating

Damien Sandow Defeats the Great Khali

A boring match, but hey what do you expect? Sandow tried, but it’s hard to get anything out of the Great Khali. The announcers hype the finish that the Great Khali right shoulder was up. It looks like WWE is going with a feud between these two. Great…. Ok 1.5-5

R Truth Defeats Brodus Clay

This was just a waste of time, I get they are trying their best to tell a story, but it is not working for me. I just ignore this match and if I try to watch it then it does nothing for me. This match gets a 2-5* rating. As for the second hour, it has went downhill in a big way.

Brock Lesnar Returns, He declares that he is #1 Contender for WWE Championship

Nice to see the “The Beast (Incarnate)” back in WWE once again. I admit I am a fan of Brock Lesnar. I even wrote a column on the website about him becoming champion. I think it will be at Elimination Chamber but hey it could even be at WrestleMania 30 in a triple threat.

12 Divas Tag Team Match: The Rest of the Division Defeats Total Divas

I feel like we get these every week but never the less, I did not watch it. “You’re Welcome”!

Daniel Bryan Fights them but ends up joining them (Wyatt Family)

He has finally lost his bearded, goat self. Daniel Bryan looks to be joining the Wyatt Family, but honestly how long will it last? Last forty minutes was really good stuff.

Final Verdict: This edition of Raw had some good moments with a big return but also creating new stories within old ones. Overall rating: 7.5-5*.

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