Review Of The 12/6 Edition Of WWE Smackdown


Big E. Langston Def. Fandango in 3:00

AR’s Truth: A decent match but more importantly it’s an enhancement match for Langston. A nice touch with Sandow being on commentary and if they give these guys to develop this story it could be good. Fandango has lost his magic and feels just like a jobber. He used to have flair in his gimmick but it is sense gone. Decent 2.5-5* Match

Randy Orton – Daniel Bryan talking segment

AR’s Truth: Same old Orton promo that honestly the crowd was dead for. Once Bryan got out there this segment took off. Bryan did bring up that he hasn’t forgotten about what Orton has done to him and I love the fact that he is angry about it. The fans was of course behind him on the match challenge. I’m not saying Bryan needs to be champion but he needs to be a “top Guy” in WWE just because of his reactions. If you get over then you should be pushed in the main spotlight.

Ryback & Curtis Axel Def. Goldust & Cody Rhodes in 4:00

AR’s Truth: Not a clear finish so it doesn’t hurt the tag champions at all. I suppose they have them have a title match on TLC. Axel and Ryback are only in a tag team because Creative had nothing else for them. Its thrown together team that feels forced and unnecessary. Axel has never had the chance to walk by himself as he has always had someone hold his hand when walking. Let’s see what this guy can do. Decent 2.5-5* Match.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Kofi Kingston ends a no contest

This is good for Del Rio’s character to see him full of rage but honestly where does he go. Does he go back to a feud with Sin Cara or where? Kingston should have not been the guy taken this beating and it’s a shame they waste a character like this.

CM Punk Def. Dean Ambrose in 12:00

A fun match that got a bit of time. With the win here, I see Punk losing at TLC. They can’t really afford for The Shield to lose, I see Roman Reigns getting the pin fall just because management is so high on him right now. Pinning a former WWE and World champion is just another notch on his belt. Good back and forth action match 3.5-5* Match

Natalya Def. Tamina Snuka

A snore feast of a match that the crowd didn’t care about whatsoever. Natalya really doesn’t seem to have any feedback with the fans so they really don’t care. I don’t see anyone who can hold the title any better than Lee can so why take it off her? Also Natalya won because she got her ass kicked the entire match and Snuka misses a splash off the top rope then covered her. Yeah impressive… Boring match 1.5-5* Match.

Big Show and Rey Mysterio Def. Real Americans

The match was fine and Rey with Big Show could be a fun tag team but come on, how many tag teams are they going to put together. I’m all for tag team wrestling but when there an actually team and not thrown together. It just feels unnecessary to put them together. Am I repeating myself? Maybe it’s a onetime thing but all I can remember is Big Show always destroying Rey in the past. Decent 2.5-5* Match.

Randy Orton Def. Daniel Bryan in 11:30

A fun back and forth action match that says Orton get the cheap win and put the main focus on Wyatt’s Vs. Bryan. I love the Wyatt family but Bray just repeated himself in the post-match promo. For such a big match, I am surprise they didn’t build it up more on Raw but plans change.

Overall Rating: There was two matches you might want to check out which are Punk Vs. Ambrose and Orton vs. Bryan. Aside from that, it’s a skip able edition of Smackdown, 5.10* Match.

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