Review Of WWE TLC 2013 PPV


Pre-Show: Fandango Defeats Dolph Ziggler

AR’s Truth: A short match that had some decent wrestling but nothing to go out of your way for. As of late Fandango has been on a winning streak, I’m not sure if that is a hint of a possible push or just his luck. Nothing to go out of your way for, decent 2.5-5* Match.


Handicap Match: CM Punk Defeats the Shield in 13:09

AR’s Truth: A interesting match to start the show, a very slow start to the match but once things got going they did a good job of storytelling. I’m not sure if Reigns actually suffered an injury or it was part of the match but due to my surprise he was not the star of the match. Punk got a quick win over the Shield but what speaks volumes is that the most entertaining guys in the company are the opening match. Yes CM Punk in the opening contests, what are we in 2008? Good match 3-5* Match.

WWE Divas Title Match: AJ Lee (C) Defeats Natalya in 7:00

AR’s Truth: An actual good back and forth action match, on the negative note, Natalya does one of the worst Sharpe Shooters I’ve ever seen. Good lord, Lee retaining is the right move and i’m not sure Natalya is ready to be champion, there is a reason she has not been in the title picture for three years. I see this feud continuing and hopefully having another good match (3-5*)

Intercontinental Title Match: Big E. Langston (c) Defeats Damien Sandow in 6:30

AR’s Truth: An okay match, I honestly thought we get more here but it was alright. Langston retaining was not a surprise and makes sense. I do however see them continue this feud and hope they do. Both guys have a lot of untapped potential and can bring out good stuff in the long run, Okay 1.5-5* Match.

Four Way Tag Team Title Match: Goldust & Cody Rhodes (c) Defeats The Real Americans vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Big Show & Rey Mysterio in 21:10

AR’s Truth: A really good match with a surprising amount of time, it makes sense to keep the titles on them as there is no clear cut challengers right now. Yes you have several teams but none that do a better job than them right now. As said before, I am not a fan of thrown together teams so luckily they stuck with the right guys. In the middle of the match, I have to admit it was a bit slow but at the end, it got hot and had some good close false finishes, Good match 3-5*.

R Truth Defeats Brodus Clay

AR’s Truth: that is all filler and looks like Tons of Funk is over with. Thank the funk himself GOD!

NO DQ Match: Kofi Kingston Defeats The Miz in 8:17

AR’s Truth: Decent match, if it’s that such of a big rivalry then why promote it on the pre-show? That does not make any sense but at the end of the day it was watchable. They did not use the no DQ stipulation and it was filler. Ok I’m going to stop there because this was just plan negative. Decent 2-5* Match.

Handicap Match: Wyatt Family Defeats Daniel Bryan

AR’s Truth: A good match and I would say it was even better than the earlier one in the night. This story is far from over and it will be interesting to see where they go here. Possible Bray versus Bryan at Royal Rumble is there to do but I think they save it until Elimination Chamber PPV. They can mix it up during the Rumble match itself. I still don’t see Bryan joining the Family. Good match 3.5-5* Match

Unification Title TLC Match: Randy Orton Defeats John Cena in 24:45

Vince McMahon and the “Authority” come out to the ring to congratulate Randy to end the PPV.

AR’s Truth: A good match that had some botches but that just comes with these kinds of matches. I thought Orton had a slight shot at winning but I am actually more surprised that WWE gave us a clean finish to this PPV. When I say the “Authority” come out, I thought they might turn on him but nope. Not sure where they go from here but we will find out more on Raw tomorrow. I still expect a rematch at WrestleMania 30. Good 4-5* Match.

Overall Rating: This PPV was good for the first hour and half but there were a couple filler matches that just bored me out of my mind. Once the Wyatt’s versus Bryan started it finished strong. I think everyone was waiting on a what kind of finish this had so in a sense it was bit of a letdown. I am glad they gave us a clear cut winner and loser. I would give this pay-per-view a 6.5-10 and here is why. Yes this had some good wrestling but nothing major happened on it. It was a B show PPV and had a hyped up big main event. This show met my expectations so I am happy.

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