Is Rey Mysterio on his way back to the WWE?


With the legendary superstar making a surprise appearance in the 2018 Royal Rumble in January, he is now reportedly set to compete at Wrestlemania 34.

Following his presence in WWE’s first pay-per-view of 2018, the 43-year-old wrestler had mentioned he might be interested in coming back to the business. Yet, such a development would take place either at the end of 2018 or in the first months of 2019.


It seems, though, that major changes are about to happen in this scenario and Mysterio is reportedly close to appear at the Grandest Stage of Them All and fight against no other than the 16-time World Champion, John Cena.

The latter was scheduled to fight the Undertaker, in what would be the “Deadman’s” final appearance as an active wrestler, however the company and Vince McMahon may have different plans.

According to the rumours, Mysterio was backstage during the February 27th edition of Smackdown Live, finalising a deal with the WWE, although there has been no official announcement until now.

With the “Cenation Leader” entering the WWE Championship Match at Fastlane, on March 11th, which now is a Six-Pack Challenge Match, the feud will probably start either on that night or in the following episode of Smackdown Live.

More specifically, the veteran wrestler could either interfere in Cena’s match, costing him the victory and the title, or he would confront the multiple time champion on the March 13th edition of Smackdown Live.

For me, there is no other way for the WWE to schedule Mysterio’s return to the ring, given that the Fastlane pay-per-view will take place less than a month before Wrestlemania 34.

Moreover, and in case rumours are true and the former WWE Champion does make his come-back, it should be under a long-term contract, not a short-term one.

Given his popularity and his excellent set of skills, it would be great if he had the opportunity to fight against other top superstars, either on Raw or Smackdown.

For instance, it would be beneficial for the company if they signed him under a part-time contract, just like they did with other superstars, like Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho (or even Kevin Nash a few years ago).

In such a case, the “Master of the 619” could also have the opportunity to become champion again, as he would challenge not only the Universal Champion and the WWE one, but also the United States Champion and the Intercontinental one.

If the former WWE Champion comes back to the ring, then this will certainly be “best for business”. And his match against John Cena, if it happens (eventually), it will be one of the best in the “Showcase of the Immortals.”

That said, we should now wait to find out whether the 43-year-old wrestler and the company will agree on the terms and finalise their deal, which will make Rey Mysterio’s return to the WWE official.

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