Rhetorical Questions: Whatever Happened To…?


As a pro wrestling fan, there are often times questions come to mind that you will likely never get an answer for. Rhetorical questions, so to speak. Below are just a couple of these type of questions that have been floating around in my mind the last week or so. I call this one, “Whatever happened to…?”

Whatever happened to… Brodus Clay’s heel turn?

For weeks, WWE teased tension among the “Tons Of Funk” crew. Brodus Clay would go too far in beating up a particular babyface, much to the disapproval of his little faction, which included The Funkadactyls, Tensai, and on the peripheral, R-Truth and Xavier Woods. They finally did the turn, and unless I’m missing something, have done an awful job of following up. I’m not claiming to be the world’s biggest Brodus Clay fan, but he is a big dude with a unique look, and promoted the right way, could be a “big vicious heel” that the company is kind of short on at the moment.

Whatever happened to…Brad Maddox being the GM of RAW?

Am I crazy, or isn’t Brad Maddox supposed to be the General Manager of WWE RAW? Now, I’m well aware that he’s popped in from time-to-time as a suck-up for “The Authority” group, which contains Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane. Either way, if the guy is supposed to be the story line shot-caller for the brand, wouldn’t it make a little more sense to keep his identity a little more relevant, week-to-week? It seems to me as though Maddox is only the “GM of RAW” on weeks that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon want to take a vacation, or on non-televised live events that “The Authority” don’t feel like attending.

Whatever happened to… Vince McMahon?

Speaking of authority figures, wasn’t Vince McMahon supposed to dust-off and bring back his “Mr. McMahon” character during “road to WrestleMania?” Wasn’t that originally the entire point behind “The Authority” gimmick to begin with? As I understood it, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would go too far in abusing their power, which would lead to McMahon coming back and their being a power struggle for “the rights to WWE” that culminated in a match at WrestleMania XXX. Once again, I’m well aware that plans in WWE often change on the fly on a pretty regular basis, but as a fan, I’m kind of bummed out that it seems like the return of Mr. McMahon is no longer going to happen. In a time when great talkers like Paul Heyman and CM Punk are no longer around, the weekly RAW show could use an entertaining stick-man like “Mr. McMahon” either as a babyface or a heel.

Whatever happened to… Damien Sandow?

Plain and simple, whatever happened to this guy? He had among the most upside of any character in the company, particularly on the heel side of the roster, and yet he was relegated to being in gimmick matches for a few weeks with Dolph Ziggler, an equally underutilized talent, and then Great Khali, all the way to pretty much not existing for the past few weeks. At least not in any significant role. I think Sandow is one of the better untapped talents the company has to offer right now, and as the road to WrestleMania continues, it’s kind of a shame that Sandow doesn’t have any real role to speak of.

Whatever happened to… Kofi Kingston’s push?

Didn’t the master of the “Trouble In Paradise” semi-recently “shock the world” and gain a victory over the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton? Whatever happened to this guy’s push? I recall a time in the past when the company seemed to get behind Kingston, complete with the automobile paint-job gone wrong, so I guess at this point I should be used to the company “starting and stopping” on a push for ole’ Kofi. Poor bastard.

Whatever happened to…Sin Cara 2.0?

So Mistico was too big for his britches, but the company enjoyed the amount of merchandise an established masked wrestler could move. As I understood it, Hunico was going to carry the tradition of Sin Cara into 2014. Spare a couple of matches with Alberto Del Rio, some of which he even went over in, it seems like they are once again “cold” on the Mexican masked Superstar. Oh well.

Whatever happened to…Unnecessarily rude feedback?

Finally, whatever happened to you guys ripping me to shreds in the feedback department? You’ve actually been pretty cool towards me lately! We’ll see if that tradition continues, or if you revert back to your “hater” ways, as it’s once again time to remind everyone that you can leave your feedback on this editorial in the “Comments” section below. Hit me with your best shot ….fire away! (You can also chat with me at Facebook.com/MattBooneWZR.)

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