​Ric Flair: ‘Mick Foley’s WWE Criticism Isn’t Fair!’, Discusses Charlotte/WM32, Sheamus As Champion


Ric Flair spoke on his WOOOOO! Nation Podcast about a number of topics. Check out the highlights:

On Mick Foley’s criticism of WWE: “The problem I have is [Foley is] not there. Like, to me, Mick has become a Monday morning quarterback. He’s only observing what he’s watching on TV. Do you know what I mean? And I don’t think it’s fair to the company to be ostracized or scrutinized by someone that’s not there…[Foley]’s just saying ‘this can happen’, but if [he is] not there on top of it, watching it take place or unfold or come together, whatever the terminology would be, it’s just hard for me to understand how you sit back and critique it.”

On the roster versus the amount of time WWE has: “It’s just three hours of TV and I think and I tell [co-host] Conrad [Thompson] all the time and I’ve gone on record saying this, it’s hard for the young kids to build a brand, it’s hard to build a brand off and on. And I mean, you’ve got to be there for a period of time [and] people have to see you all the time.”

On Sheamus winning the World Heavyweight Title: “I’m biased because I’m very close friends with Sheamus and I think he’s a very, very talented performer. Do I like Sheamus? Yeah! Do I think he’s a good champion? I think he’s as good a champion as anyone else that could be there. I thought Seth was the best champion they’ve had in a while because he can do anything. I mean, Seth Rollins is a really gifted, talented guy and a phenomenal performer, but they had to move on and Seth won’t be back for quite a while.”

On the League of Nations: “I thought the League of Nations was very cool because that was the first time in a long time that you’ve got four guys that can work and talk. I mean, and you think about it, they all can perform [and] they all can talk. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen [Alberto] Del Rio look better, physically. Del Rio looks great! I mean Sheamus has a great body. Barrett [has] got a great body. Rusev is just a great guy and Rusev is really a hell of a hand. I just think that if they run with this, and do it the right way, the League of Nations could be really cool. Are they the Four Horsemen? Hell no. No, but they’re good! I watched that unfold, I was sitting out there with Stephanie [McMahon] and [Triple H] and I’m going, ‘that’s pretty damn cool! It’s something different.’ And it’s the reality. It’s real! They’re all from a different country, but they all can work and they can all talk. I think it’s real cool.”

On Charlotte’s WrestleMania opponent: “From what I’ve heard, [Charlotte]’s either going to wrestle Sasha or Bayley, which would be great, either one of them. I’m just so thrilled for her. I hope that she is in that position and that she is there doing that. Things could change tomorrow. I think that Sasha or Bayley would be the two that I think are my favorite. Nothing against the other girls, I like them all, but I think that Bayley and Sasha and [Charlotte], the three of them, have phenomenal chemistry.”

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