Rich Swann vs Biff Busick, Who Will Have a Better Major League Career?


It’s official indie wrestling talents Biff Busick and Rich Swann have signed with WWE, reporting soon to the Performance Center and NXT brand. But which former Evolve, PWG, CZW and so on, indie star will make a larger impact in the black and yellow squared circle?

Rich Swann is a acrobatic talent with a great look. His 450 splash is a real treat to watch, he also looks like a guy who will excel on the microphone. But Mr. All Night Long and the King of Swerve does have one issue that may prevent him from moving up the match placement ladder. Swann is 5’8″ and 165 lbs, I know what you’re thinking should this really be an issue? That’s just it no, a great talent is a great talent. Look at Martin St. Louis’ NHL hockey career and how small he was. But within WWE to certain people size does indeed matter. These talents can’t be protected by NXT forever. All NXT talents will eventually take that 50/50 risk of moving up to the main roster. He will excel at NXT and showcase his well documented talents, but when main roster time comes for Swann, I fear a great talent may be wasted. I don’t need to go down the list of talents that made their main roster debuts and were wasted. Owens doing the job to Cena and Monday’s Diva Beat the Clock Challenge are more then enough evidence of that.


Biff Busick worked many the same armories as Swann. Busick with a similar look to Cesaro (I find) in terms of body definition, has a very unique look. He also has a much different, polar opposite in-ring style then Swann. He’s more technically sound then Swann is and a better brawler. He reminds me of a Daniel Bryan or Bruiser Brody type guy. I will admit I’m more familiar with Swann then Busick but I just spent some time looking into him and his Half and Half Suplex delivery is phenomenal. He has the leg up on Swann in size, he’s 6’1″ and weighs 215 lbs, he’s also been mentored by the likes of Lance Storm and WWE’s former Japanese star Funaki. My fear for him is though he has a unique look he still lacks a certain presence that Swann has. How will he do on the mic? What will his placement on the card be? All questions will be answered in time. I do see him better suited as a heel act, where as Swann could do either or (face or heel).

When it comes right down too it, I’m never going to know who’ll have the better career. I’m not a fortune teller and nor would I like to be, it takes the element of suspense out. With WWE’s track record I feel Busick will have the better career (or at least longer one) then Swann, but with Hunter and Stephanie coming close to being the new parents of WWE and the work they’ve done with NXT, who knows. The possibilities are endless for both of these talented men who got their starts at bingo halls and armories.

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