River Of Blood: Top 20 Bloodiest Non-WWE Matches


Sid Vicious vs. Goldberg – WCW Halloween Havoc 1999

Goldberg was attacked before the match by The Outsiders. Early in the match, Goldberg rammed Sid’s head off the steel steps at 6:30, and while the camera panned away, Sid bladed heavily. By the way, this was for the United States Heavyweight Championship. Sid carried on with the blood pouring down his face, and got the upper hand on Goldberg. But soon enough, the Super Human turned the tables on Sid. Goldberg remained the dominant force for the rest of the bout, with Goldberg looking at the ref in disbelief and shaking his hands after getting Sid’s blood on him.

Six-minutes later, at 12:20, the referee checked Sid and ended the match prematurely. Rick Steiner made his way to the ring to escort Sid to the backstage area, who never actually gave up. Both men had winning streaks, so this was a way to argue Sid’s streak was still in tact. The referee awarded Goldberg with the title, as Sid and Rick walked to the back. (Thumbs Down)

James Storm vs. Chris Harris in a Texas Death match – TNA Sacrifice 2007

You have to give credit to TNA when it comes to using blood in the right way; you only ever see it in the last match of a feud, or if Abyss and the ECW Originals are around other hardcore guys. TNA knows when it’s right to use blood. Here’s the first example of that, a bloody war between former tag team partners James Storm and Chris Harris, who were America’s Most Wanted; at the time, the best tag team in TNA history.

At 6:35, you can see Harris blading as the camera pans round. After Storm smashed him with the chair, again, you can already see the droplets on the ring apron. At 9:07, Harris guillotined Storm to the metal under the table to bust him open. The bloody war continued in the 2nd part. (Thumbs Up) I decided to choose the two-part video due to quality.

Abdullah The Butcher vs. Bruiser Brody – NFW Main Event

I could have filled this list with Abdullah and Bruiser Brody matches, so instead of going through them all, I decided to add this specifically to represent the hardcore innovators. I couldn’t find a date for the match, so if anyone can provide one, let me know and I’ll add it to the title.

The Butcher is known for his trademark fork, and giving Hannibal (Devon Nicholson) Hepatitis during their bloody match in 2007. Bruiser Brody is a cult legend who died when José Huertas González stabbed him in a real-life backstage incident in 1988.

Brody busted Abdullah open in the first-minute. Fast forward to 2:52 to see Abdullah forking Brody in the head, busting him open. Watch on to see who prevails. (Thumbs Up)

Chris Jericho & Lance Storm vs. Heavenly Bodies in a Street Fight – SMW Night Of Legends 1994

Twenty-One years ago, Jericho started his wrestling career alongside tag team partner Lance Storm as The Thrillseekers. Jericho already had a broken right arm before the match (trying to perfect the Shooting Star Press), but decided to work with it anyways.

At 12:59, Jericho is sent head first to the guard rail, and blades excessively. It was meant to add to the brutal nature of the street fight, but trying to blade in your debut year with your left hand? Rookie mistake Y2J. (Thumbs Down)

Roddy Roddy Piper vs. Greg Valentine in a Dog Collar Match – NWA Starrcade 1983

They are both known for their bloody wars against different opponents, but at the inaugural Starrcade, Piper and Valentine had a unique Dog Collar match which saw them wearing collars linked together by chain. In a previous match, in kayfabe, Valentine injured Piper’s ear, causing it to bleed.

It wasn’t til this encounter when the real injury occurred, Valentine wrapped the chain around Piper’s head and broke his left ear drum, causing Piper a permanent 50-75% loss of hearing. Sadly I couldn’t find the entire match, only a short low-quality video of someone taping a VHS. It’s probably on the WWE Network somewhere. (Thumbs Up)

Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven – TNA Hardcore Justice 2010

We can’t have a bloodiest match list without Tommy Dreamer and Raven. They have been through many bloody & violent wars together, so I decided to represent the body of work with their final battle. This was the second main event of TNA Hardcore Justice with Mick Foley as Special Guest Referee. The event was produced as a tribute show to the ECW Originals, although I personally felt the tribute had already been done with ECW One Night Stand 2005; Hardcore Justice is likely the worst ECW reunion show, with an annoying blue lighting.

At 07:14, Raven sent Dreamer head first to the steel chair with a drop toe hold. 09:14 shows Dreamer doing the same thing to Raven, who doesn’t blade right away, instead waiting for Dreamer to thump him square with a fan sign, following with rolling out of the ring. 15:10 shows Dreamer doing a crossface on Raven with the barbed wire. Not the best hardcore match of all time, but sadly I couldn’t find anything better. Still, the bloody wars between them are remembered. (Thumbs Up)

Harley Race vs. Ric Flair in a Steel Cage – NWA Starrcade 1983

The passing of the torch at the inaugural Starrcade. Harley Race was the last of the “shooter” champions in wrestling, before the “best match of the night” champions became more prevalen. Andre once said he was scared of Race, because he knew how much of a badass he could be; you wouldn’t cross him in real-life. While Race wasn’t the most charismatic, he had a presence as a technical brawler who showed no mercy to his opponents weaknesses.

He was the perfect opponent for Flair, someone who could get him over as a reputable champion. Nothing left to say about this, so sit back and enjoy some classic NWA daddy! (Thumbs Up)

Sabu vs. Abyss in Barbed Wire Massacre – TNA Turning Point 2005

The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal SABU! And The Monster Abyss. They’ve been through so many bloody wars, they thrive in the hardcore environment. Sabu blades around the 04:00 mark, and Sabu stabs Abyss repeatedly in the arm at 05:11. Once again, watch from there and see who survives the massacre. (Thumbs Up)

The Four Horsemen vs. The Road Warriors, Nikita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes & Paul Ellering – WCW Wargames 1987

The first Wargames set the bar for future matches. It’s guaranteed to be a bloody war with so many men locked in a cage. The blood ends up being too much for one of them, but can you remember who? (Thumbs Up)

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