​Road Warrior Animal Says Demolition Didn’t Bother Him, Talks The Differences Between The Two Teams


Road Warrior Animal spoke with WrestleTalkTV for a new interview. Check out the video and highlights below:

On if he was angry about Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow playing Demolition: “I knew both guys. I’ve known Smash since high school. For me to get mad at a friend is ridiculous. If you can make money in wrestling, most careers are five years. Here I am 32 years later and people still think of us as a top team ever. It blows my mind. Business is business.”

On the difference between the teams: “We were content with the Road Warriors being the Road Warriors. Often imitators, never duplicators. We were really two guys from a bar going to a wrestling ring. They were two wrestlers trying to be tough guys. We had big spikes, they had little rhinestones that were set. The little baby ones.”

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