Roadblock: End of The Line Review and Match Ratings


Kevin Owens (C) def. Roman Reigns by DQ – WWE Universal Championship

Because giving the Universal Champion a win over a mid-card champion is so easy, we need to make KO look weak so let’s get his partner to attack him to retain the title on PPV. I’ve seen this act before with guys like Edge before, so while I wasn’t mad at the finis, because it was pretty obvious what Jericho was doing the minute he stepped into the ring. Though it wouldn’t have mattered who he attacked because Owens would have retained either way, but I suppose to give KO some sort of win over Roman, he had to attack Jericho. So I think it’s blatantly obvious that Jericho will be next in line for the Universal Championship, but it’s a shame the match had to end like this, because I thought Owens and Reigns were building up to something special there. They’ve had great matches with each other on RAW, so the chemistry was already there, but the near-falls and the way they augment each other’s style was special. It was surprising, because Owens has had better matches with Reigns than with Rollins. All of the spots were well orchestrated, there were great reversals, and of course Kevin Owens’ trash talking was the icing on the cake. If this match had an actual finish, the rating would be higher, but sadly, DQ finishes in the main event of a PPV people pay money to see don’t sit well with me, and WWE’s diversion to take up time by having Rollins and Reigns jump Jericho and Owens after doesn’t do it for me, either. Sadly, we’ll just have to take what we have and roll with it. ***1/2


I must have gotten the title of the show wrong, because instead of “Sunday Night RAW”, it said “Roadblock: End of The Line”. In all candor, this was really a version of Monday Night RAW disguised as a PPV. Even with the Iron Woman match, the quality of this PPV is something that you can get on a very good episode of Monday Night RAW. The PPV in itself didn’t feel special, I wouldn’t watch it all over again, but if you want matches that may be worth your time, the tag title match and the women’s match are probably the only two I’d watch start to finish. If Owens/Reigns and Rollins/Jericho have better finishes, this is a fantastic watch, but unfortunately, I’m just left with, “meh”. So I’ll just go thumbs firmly in the middle here. Until next time.

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