​Rob Feinstein Says He Did Not Contact AAA Over The TripleMania Audio Issues


Rob Feinstein is shooting down reports that he contacted AAA over TripleMania’s technical issues. The report claimed that Feinstein and Tommy Dreamer were business partners and that Feinstein contacted the company after TripleMania had problems with the PPV, offering to fix all of them.

Feinstein says there is no truth to the story, saying that “nobody had any communication between each other”, and there was “no dialogue whatsoever between [Feinstein and AAA]”.

Feinstein said that he has contacted Konnan in order to try and figure out where the false report might have come from, but hasn’t spoken to him yet.

TripleMania found itself beset with audio issues, which AAA issued a statement apologizing for.

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