Roddy Piper News – What Made Him So Special?, + The Title Of A New Graphic Novel & More


— During a recent interview with about what made Roddy Piper so special as a performer. Here is what he had to say…

“His willingness to ignore barriers and boundaries and to put himself out there on a ledge at all times, and to say daring things that sometimes made no sense at all, but [they] were said with such passionate delivery that people would read into it and find meaning in his words. I think Piper was such a unique character because he was so uninhibited in his approach to putting his personality out there to the masses.”

— Grindhouse Comics has released a graphic novel titled “Roddy Piper: Monster Killer”. The graphic novel was one of the final projects that Piper was involved with prior to his passing, and can be purchased on Amazon

Rowdy Roddy Piper is a man of many talents – wrestler, storyteller, monster killer. Get the real scoop about Rod’s life, his mission, and the way he’s been secretly saving humanity for the past 30 years. Wrestling gave him the cover, but Rod’s real job isn’t something he chose – it was handed down to him by his ancestors, and now it’s time for Rod to pass it along to his son, Colt, who thinks Rod abandoned him, and who wants nothing to do with him. With a cover by renowned artist Joe Jusko, incredible interior art and a story you can’t put down, this graphic novel is sure to be a collector’s item for generations.

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