​ROH Explains Delirious’ New Ability To Speak Following The G1 Climax Finals


ROH sent out the following, explaining Delirious’ appearance at the G1 Climax finals and his new ability to speak clearly. Check it out below…

16 AUGUST 2015
Ryougoku Sumo Hall

RE: Delirious

As we all know, Delirious has a unique form of tachyphemia causing an incoherent and rapid speech pattern. Recently in Tokyo Japan, Delirious was on legally prescribed medication slowing down his erratic rhythm and rapid thought process. Although Delirious’ syntax and grammar remains poor, Delirious was able to learn the appropriate English lines necessary to convey his message to a wide audience.

Delirious is not and never was unintelligent, in fact Delirious has a legitimate IQ of 144, he just happens to suffer from a disorder that clutters his speech and accelerates his thoughts and physical body language.

Through proper medication and coaching, Delirious delivered his message in Tokyo with calmness and in decipherable English.

We are proud of Delirious!

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