​Roman Reigns Discusses His Worst-In-Ring Pain, Workout Routine, WrestleMania, & More


Tallahassee.com recently interviewed WWE Superstar Roman Reigns. Below are some highlights.

On his workout routine: “My workouts are all about moving a lot weight very fast. I’m old school. I do squats, Olympic lifts and heavy compound movements. I’m not the guy, who is going to be flipping a log 50 times. I have always trained for explosion and it shows in the ring.”

On his worst in-ring pain: “Anytime a grown man picks you up over his head with the intention of dropping it’s going to hurt. But if I had to pick one, it would be the time Big Show, who is over 7 feet, choke-slammed me out of the ring and through some tables. I threw up blood for a couple of days after that one.”

Reigns on who he wants to get a feud with culminating at WrestleMania: “No matter what I’m going to always want to take the belt of Rollins. He stole my moment and I’ll never forget what he did to me. It may look like my hands are full with the Wyatt’s, but Seth is always on my mind. I won’t feel complete until I pay him back.”

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