Roman Reigns Shouldn’t Be Getting Beat Down Like That


On Monday’s RAW, Randy Orton reached his boiling point for his inability to secure a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. In the opening segment of the show, he confronted Triple H and made it clear by the end of his promo that he now has a problem with the WWE COO.

I thought it was well-done and a nice touch for the Orton character. He has been too “blah” for the past several months, basically being underutilized or mis-cast in WWE as of late. On Monday, by finally taking aim at “The Game” himself, including his actions later in the show, Randy Orton re-established himself as somebody that should be taken seriously.

My beef, however, is with those “actions later in the show.” Those actions included a prolonged beat down of Roman Reigns. I like that WWE set it up with a two-on-one attack by having Kane assist Orton, but the fact that Orton laid a beating on Reigns that seemed like it would never end, I just didn’t like the way that felt as a viewer watching the supposedly indestructible Roman Reigns look vulnerable and being forced to sell for that long.

It did a great job for Orton, however, as combined with his segment with Triple H earlier in the show, he came out of Monday night with his stock increasing the most out of anyone on the roster.

Another positive is that it did a great job at beginning the serious turn in the build-up to Orton vs. Reigns at SummerSlam, which by all accounts seems to be the match that we are headed towards.

I think the key value in Reigns getting over is similar to that of a Bill Goldberg during his prime in WCW. I don’t think Reigns is winning anyone over with his promos, which is not to say that they are bad, because they are often kept short and are written perfectly to give Reigns a guaranteed pop from the crowd, but I think it’s Reigns actions that are getting him over with the fans.

Reigns’ move set is one that makes him look like a bad dude. The Superman punch is a great spot that looks intense to the crowd. The flying boot-to-the-face on the apron from the floor spot is also a forceful regular happening in a Roman Reigns match. And, much like the aforementioned Goldberg, the high-impact spear.

I’m not saying Reigns must be the type of guy that doesn’t sell, like Rusev to an extent, or must be undefeated for ten years, but I don’t think he should be on the wrong end of a brutal one-sided attack that goes on forever and ever. If he’s jumped by multiple people, like when he was focused on by Evolution during their feud with the now defunct Shield faction, that’s one thing. To have one guy chokeslam you and leave, and have another guy beat on you for way too long, I don’t think that’s good for anyone, but particularly bad for someone who has the type of character that Roman Reigns has.

At the end of the day it’s not a major issue, Reigns will go ahead and continue his rise to the top of the ranks in WWE and this will soon be forgotten. However, it caught my eye on Monday night and I was curious to see how everyone else thnks about it. Leave your feedback in the “Comments” section below.

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