Royal Ramblings: Five WWE Storylines That Never Were


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The internet community is full of frustrated creative writers, many of whom are convinced that if the WWE would only follow their storyline ideas, success would be sure to follow.

We do not profess to be creative wizards but summer is upon us and so in the spirit of the silly season, what follows are five storyline ideas that never were: 

5. Adam Rose on the Hop 

Adam Rose is a new star but some internet rumours suggest he is already falling out of favour with WWE management. A firm favourite of ours and of the London live crowd, Rose has not had the opportunity to really prove himself yet. Accompanied to the ring by his ‘Rosebuds’ (until now, NXT talents), the opportunity is rife for one of them to turn on him. Of particular interest is the person donning the bunny costume that follows him to the ring. Rumours were rife that Zack Ryder was to have a much needed push, revealing himself as that hidden rosebud. It hasn’t happened and Ryder has slunk back to the lower tiers but a Ryder-Rose showdown would have been fun and a Rosebud-bunny reveal would have certainly been amusing. 

4. The Shield’s New Member 

When Seth Rollins left the Shield, WWE took the opportunity to push each of its members as individual stars. This has worked rather well but can you imagine if the open spot had been filled by……………….. AJ Styles? 

Styles is one of the most impressive wrestlers in the business. Whilst WWE are understandably focussing on new talent, his impact in the company would have been huge. Styles has worked a few angles as a dark and mysterious character and we believe he could have been the perfect fit for the Shield. 

3. Bragging Rights 

Some wrestling gimmicks and storylines are so strong that they bear repeating. So it was that WWE pushed Ryback with an unbeaten streak. The master of the weekly unbeaten streak is of course, Bill Goldberg. We were very close to seeing a Goldberg vs Ryback bout last year if internet reports are to be believed. The time may now have passed for such a match but given Ryback’s recent lull, it is a shame he didn’t have a big send-off courtesy of the superior Goldberg. However, the two bald beasts are not the only characters with similarities. Surely, a match between Jack Swagger and Kurt Angle would be a huge draw. Both all-Americans, both from an amateur wrestling background and both using the ankle lock. If Kurt ever comes back to the WWE, this would be top of our list of rivalries. 

2. The Wyatt Clan 

Bray Wyatt is making huge waves in the WWE. Together with Rowan and Harper, his spooky character is of enormous interest. 

WWE were somewhat forced into diverting from what we believe could have been a storyline of major interest, when Daniel Bryan joined and then immediately left the Wyatt family. If you recall, Bryan was worn down by Bray Wyatt and found himself in overalls under the pseudonym Daniel Wyatt. At that time, the ‘YES!’ movement was growing exponentially and so he returned to being a face in short order. Had Bryan have stayed with the Wyatt’s, there was huge potential to turn the family into a larger stable. Sweeping up underutilised talents to ‘follow the buzzards’ might have allowed for the creation of new stars. We might even have seen the addition of Bo Dallas to the crew in a tag-team reunion for the Rotunda brothers. There is still time for a Wyatt stable to develop. Perhaps Chris Jericho can be the first recruit… 

1. The Undertaker Lives 

The Undertaker is a guaranteed draw for WWE and somewhat synonymous with the company brand. There can’t be many wrestling fans in the world that don’t know about him or pine to see him in action. His remarkable legacy is embodied in his now broken Wrestlemania streak. Given his enormous money earning potential and adoration might the WWE have handled his career sunset differently? 

Picture the scene. The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. Taker’s streak still intact. Reigns defeats the Undertaker in his final ever match and inherits he streak. The next night at Raw, the Undertaker appears in hat and coat but on removing his gear, it transpires that Reigns is the new Undertaker. Both the streak and the gimmick live on through him. He has the look and the aura. This, in our view, would have made for exceptional TV and a bankable star for years to come (although Reigns isn’t too badly in his current role!) 

So there you have it and who knows, perhaps WWE’s creative team are already dialling our numbers as we write…

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