Royal Ramblings Meets Grado


Insane Championship Wrestling continues to make its mark on the UK wrestling scene. With an ever expanding brand, the company is set to become not just the best in the UK but a worldwide phenomenon. We were fortunate enough to interview one of the MVP’s of the promotion, Grado, on the company’s recent UK tour. As many will know, Grado is the relatable, comedic talent who backs it all up with in-ring ability. If you don’t know who we’re on about, take a look at the clip below and you too will be hooked. Make sure to see Grado and the other stars of ICW in person and get tickets here for their forthcoming shows in July, through August at the Edinburgh fringe or at the Glasgow SECC in November.

So how are you?

It’s Yersel! – how we doing? Some people think I’m getting fed up saying that but I’m not really man.

How was the ICW tour for you?

I tell you what, it’s been amazing. My first match was in Nottingham with Drew Galloway! We were on, on the same night as WWE and we managed to draw a really, really good crowd. And I was nervous of wrestling Drew because – well, he’s been in WWE, he’s done Wrestlemania. I was thinking, there’s no room for any gaga in this match. And he took me to the brink. Honestly, I felt as if in that match I learned so much from him. Then I wrestled Sabu – I took the Arabian facebuster through a table and I loved it! I got an amazing picture of Sabu hitting me with a chair which will be going up on the wall in my new house. Then here at the Koko in London, I had a match with Sha Samuels who is one of my best mates and honestly, I loved it. If anyone asked me what my favourite wrestling venue is, it’s the Hammerstein ballroom – I love the whole ECW and one night stand and the Koko is like that, so it felt amazing. Someone just tagged me on a picture in Instagram, it’s me standing up and you can see all the balcony’s in the venue. The annoying thing is, I’m wearing my pink leotard which spoils it! I’ve been wrestling that much I didn’t have any others! My wee titties are hanging out, my pot belly… you can see it on Instagram at elgrado.

Tell us about wrestling Sabu – what’s it like facing a legend?

Amazing man. Don’t get me wrong, I was sore. I took a lot of chair shots but I got him back by getting him to dance to Madonna. He’s not the best dancer in the world but I like to think in ICW anything can happen. Who’d have thought Sabu would be dancing to ‘Like A Prayer! So there you go, a moment and you’ll be able to get it on ICW on Demand!

You are so central to the ICW brand, what came first Grado or the ‘Dub’?

We’re a big team man! We help each other out, we’re just one big crew. I’m so proud that we can go and do England and draw a crowd and stick together and have good times. We can party a bit too much -we’ve not slept but that hasn’t stopped us from putting on tidy shows. It’s amazing to think what we’re doing right now. Its absolutely brilliant. It’s revolutionary. We do shows all through the year, family shows and things like that and the amount of Americans that will say “Hey Grado, can you get me on ICW” because, they want to be here man. The atmosphere is amazing.

What did TNA’s British Boot Camp do for you?

Well it got me to experience Northern America. People didn’t know me and I tested myself with by going out there and I managed to get over in my match. This was North Carolina and at the end of the match they were chanting my name and I thought to myself I was glad of that because I really want to work in America. It was a shame my Madonna music was gimmicked up, it was that old generic horrible BS. But I wrestled EC3 and it was a brilliant experience and obviously then got to wrestle at the Hydro with my mum and dad in the front row. That angle, when you watch it back – that’s wrestling. Al Snow getting in my mums face, old school, simple. I love it. It was absolutely fantastic, a brilliant experience. I annoyed Kurt Angle, I annoyed every TNA wrestler because I’m just the biggest punter for everyone. When I got there I couldn’t help but make an ass of myself but that’s what I do man, I just can’t help myself!

A game, arena shows, what’s next for ICW?

I don’t know man, if we ever do a third documentary I think maybe we should go overseas and not cover a show. Europe, Japan, Russia, Syria – I don’t want to go to Amsterdam cos we’d probably die! But somewhere different, somewhere to go and see if we can do it. I’d like something like that.

World domination awaits and with Grado at its heart, it won’t be long before ICW conquers all.

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