Royal Ramblings Talk British Boot Camp 2 with Rockstar Spud


Episode one of TNA’s British Boot Camp 2 has aired and is receiving rave reviews. We sat down with TNA’s very own Rockstar Spud to get his thoughts on the show, which can be seen Sunday nights at 9pm on Challenge TV in the UK,

What did you think of the first episode of British Boot Camp 2

It doesn’t matter what I think it’s what everyone else thinks of it. I think its polarising television much like the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Because if you’re watching British Boot Camp and Grandma says “ooh, I like that one” and mum says “I don’t like him” and dad says something else – its different opinions and that’s what matters with pro-wrestling and social media and television…opinions. With the way social media is now people just hashtag British Boot Camp 2 and they’re all talking about it together. About who they like, who they don’t like, what they think should happen, what they think is going to happen down the road, who they think is going to win. They’re already talking about who they think’s going to win after seeing one episode, much like the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent! 

Do you think Grado is going to get another chance?

He’s great but he thinks with his belly more than his head! I found it pretty entertaining when Al Snow put him in check. Did he deserve it? One hundred percent. Does he deserve another opportunity? Well, does Priscilla Queen of the Ring deserve another opportunity? Does Viper? Does ‘The One’?…I mean, when I was told to smarten up in the first season it had an impact because you only get one opportunity and if you mess it up, sometimes you can tardy your reputation for good. Sometimes it will mean people tell you “not this time but sometime down the road” but we’ll have to see. He says we haven’t seen the last of Grado – I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of that lad I’m afraid.  

You mentioned Priscilla Queen of the Ring, what did you think of her in-ring style?

Well, I’ve known Ollie from when he was younger. I wasn’t aware of his sexual orientation or that he was bisexual (not that it matters). The fact that he’s found confidence in wrestling to use that and to express himself is a wonderful thing. I think his being on the show, was him standing up as a wonderful role model and showing to anyone out there, that no matter who you are, you should be who you want to be and no-one should judge you. That sort of stuff is great, I think its absolutely brilliant. For Viper as well, it was a wonderful tale. Some people might accuse her of being “woe is me” and what have you but that’s her story. She portrays this nasty, big woman in the ring but she’s an absolute angel. She’s a sweetheart and that came across through her promo and you could see the emotion and it made you think “bless her”. All of them really. Anyone whom had the guts to just stand in front of those three judges and whether they were good, bad, amazing or awful – they put themselves out there and that should be envied. 

Priscilla said to us that TNA was particularly welcoming of her and her character.

And why wouldn’t we be?  TNA thinks about the UK scene. They know how great they UK market is. And there were lots of pro-wrestlers internally on the UK scene that were saying “oh they’re just going to do this, they’re just going to do that” but what good would it do TNA if it buried the UK scene? Absolutely nothing. Everyone in the UK has the potential to the next Impact star.. 

You mean the next Rockstar Spud?

Well, no. Not the next Rockstar Spud, the next whoever. The next them. You don’t want to be like me because they’ve already got one of me. You don’t want to be like Samoa Joe, they’ve already got him. They’ve already got a Gail Kim. So if they elevate these guys and make people aware that in the UK there are these people out there that you can go and watch at your local show, it only benefits the UK scene. Then down the road when they’ve put some years in – even more years in if they didn’t get the opportunity this time – they’ll be remembered and people will know they’ve improved. They will already be made names because they’ve been on TV. 

Did you understand Noam Dar’s promo against Samoa Joe – can you speak Hebrew?

What is that, like some form of American!?! I’m still getting used to American!! It takes a lot to scare Samoa Joe but it certainly sounded salty whatever he said. [We explain]. I’m not sure Samoa Joe will be alright with that! Expect a beating in the near future from Samoa Joe, Noam Dar! You’ve been stooged! 

In her interview with us Gail Kim praised the UK scene and tweeted that Nikki Storm’s audition was the best. Do you agree?

Absolutely. Nikki Storm is more than ready for television. Whether there’s a spot for her on the Impact roster – and for Kay Lee Ray – that’s another question. It’s all well and good them being ready but if there’s not a spot for them on the Impact Wrestling roster then what can you do? If we’ve got a high flying daredevil girl, then is there a space for another one? If we’ve got a gobby little know-it-all then is there space for another one? 

Does this put the British scene on the map?

It does. Look at these people, they’re all awesome and we’re showcasing that. What’s to lose? You know some people were apprehensive about going in. They put their reputation on the line and were worried what others might think if they were told they weren’t the best. The people that get through to the UK finals are the best in the country, whether they feel that internally or not. They put themselves out there for an opportunity when others didn’t have the balls to do so. You only get one. These people went for it, got it and proved that they were worth it. 

Do you think there will be a Boot Camp 3?

Well, there was a Boot Camp 2 because the winner of series 1 was that good…and did well for himself…is very handsome…whoever he was, they believed in him enough to do another series. It’s up to the winner of series 2 to go with that. If they’re a success, there might be a series 3. 

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