Royal Rumble Speculation


Hi there, folks. I hope you all are having a phenomenal evening. As I’m watching NXT Takeover, I wanted to share with you my final thoughts and speculation heading into the Royal Rumble matches.

Women’s Royal Rumble 

Now, like any other Royal Rumble match, there are a few superstars going in as heavy favourites to win. In this case, regarding the second WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match, the favourites are Becky Lynch (who will lose to Asuka earlier in the night) and Charlotte Flair. Who else honestly makes sense when you really sit down and dissect it all? If either of those two win, their inevitable opponent is Ronda Rousey. They’ve both been bickering with Rousey, and have been connected to one another ever since Survivor Series, so it only makes sense. Most are talking about Flair and Becky as individual winners, but not many are speculating the possibility of both being victorious. I’m going to go down that route, as much as I think Becky should be the sole winner. Charlotte and Becky both somehow win – that’s my bold prediction.

Men’s Royal Rumble 

Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman are the only logical options I foresee winning. I did an article a few weeks ago ranking the potential winners and my list included the three above, along with The Miz and AJ Styles. I wouldn’t be completely surprised to see AJ win quite frankly, but Miz is definitely out of the equation. At the time, I had envisioned him winning the Rumble and facing Bryan at Mania for the WWE Title with the heel/babyface roles reversed, but now not so much. He’s stuck with Shane McMahon and will probably be his opponent come WrestleMania. AJ could win and face Brock Lesnar like he was supposed to at Survivor Series, but I don’t really want to see that. Braun Strowman has warned both #1 Contender Finn Balor and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, claiming he will win the Royal Rumble and later battle whoever wins the Universal Championship. Hoping this doesn’t happen either, as we do not need to see another match with Lesnar (assuming Finn loses), Braun has lost to him enough. Drew McIntyre is supposedly set for a huge, significant push in 2019, so a Royal Rumble win would be a fantastic way to kickstart that. I, however, see Drew taking on John Cena at Mania. That leaves Seth Rollins. I think at this point he’s a lock to win the Royal Rumble match and a lock to face Brock at WrestleMania for the Universal Championship. So, I’m sticking with him.

Surprise Participants 

Aside from guys like Hornswoggle and Big Show, who are apparently in town for the Rumble and likely participants, I can see EC3 being a “surprise” entrant, Kurt Angle also. Those guys wouldn’t exactly be huge, genuine surprises, but they weren’t confirmed beforehand, so hey, it’s a surprise, I guess. Velveteen Dream would be somewhat of a surprise, Aleister Black, the return of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn. Someone like Carlito would be pretty cool to have back. And I think we can count on seeing the return of Bray Wyatt in the Rumble as well.

WrestleVotes on Twitter reported that there’s apparently a “big” surprise planned being kept from nearly everyone, I found that to be a bit interesting. Some people speculated that the “big” surprise could be Roman Reigns, Batista, Kenny Omega, CM Punk, even as far as The Rock. Some folks even predicted Becky Lynch would attack R-Truth, enter the men’s match at #30 and win it, then choose to face Ronda at WrestleMania, along with women’s Royal Rumble winner Charlotte doing the same to make it a triple threat. Bizarre. I don’t know, that’s just what others have shared as far-fetched as those predictions are. I honestly don’t even know who to predict after seeing that tweet. I’ll just wait and see, very curious however. The only thing I can see if it is indeed Roman Reigns, though, is a brief appearance celebrating with Seth Rollins after he wins the Rumble. I personally would hold off altogether with Roman, until he’s 100% ready to compete again, which is certainly not now. Obviously. The “big” surprise could possibly be Finn Balor defeating Brock Lesnar, or something that has to do with the women. Never know. We’ll see if anything actually comes out of that tweet and if it lives up to the hype. 

If you’re watching the Royal Rumble tomorrow, hopefully it’s somewhat of a solid show and we can all find something to thoroughly enjoy. That’s it from me. Have a good one, goodnight. 

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