Ryback Needs To Be Released From WWE


Ryback AKA Ryan Reeves has been on a tear the past couple of months by injuring WWE Superstars and been acting out on Twitter against the “WWE Universe”. It seems like he has lost his mind for good now and I don’t see to many positives of keeping around this guy.

The Las Vegas native has been with WWE since 2004 where he was a part of “Tough Enough”. He got his real first break with the character Skip Sheffield, which was a cowboy gimmick I might add. Once making his transition into the “Nexus” group he was never someone that stood out from the pack.

Go to 2012 and that’s when he became the “Feed Me More” Ryback! He is a bit of a Goldberg look alike, but does stand out from the rest of the WWE Superstars. He smashed people, hitting his signature “Meat Hook Clothesline” and finishes them off with the “Shell Shock”. He had a gimmick that could work in this day and age. He had the fans behind him, with the “Feed Me More” chants from the “WWE Universe” when he made his entrance, All the way to him finishing his opponents with the “Shell Shock” that could be performed on two, three guys at a time.

With all of that said, I thought that Ryback could be a big star. He was a baby-face that got over well, he had the ‘look’ that WWE is always looking for. How could this go wrong? well for one he was green. Also he was pushed to the main event spotlight too fast when John Cena went down with an injury in the fall of 2012. He challenged CM Punk for the WWE title and lost at the Hell in a Cell PPV. The most important thing to take away from this is he was not ready at all.

WWE took a guy who they had strong expectations for and pushed him at a rate that he was simply not ready for. He went from squashing people in 2-5 minutes all the way to competing in a main event on pay-per-view for the WWE title against a huge star in CM Punk. Their match lasted only 11 and half minutes, but you could clearly see he was not ready for a match of this caliber.

He had a quick feud with the shield in December of that year, he defeated Mark Henry at WrestleMania 29. By going through history we see that WWE still has hope for him, then they give him a program with the ‘Top’ star of the ‘PG era’ with John Cena where he cut some of the worst promo’s I’ve seen awhile. He was in the main program for the WWE title against John Cena for two months in a row and never got anything going with his character. He went backwards instead of forwards.

Now after listing his career in a summary format, I have listed why his character will not grow. He has had the opportunities, but never cashed in on them. He gave Dolph Ziggler a concussion that could really impact not only Ziggler’s career, but his long term life. He goes nuts on twitter and seems like he has lost his mind completely. Backstage people do not like him and is in no direction with his character except when he just walks around the ring and laughs.

After all of that, after more negatives out weighing the positives. I strongly believe Ryback needs to be released and give someone else that roster spot.

You can follow me on twitter & Let me know in the comment area below, do you think he should be released? Or should he be kept around? Thanks for reading.

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