Sasha and Charlotte Set for History: “Hell in a Cell” Will Never Be the Same


The women’s revolution has been a breath of fresh air for the WWE as a whole, not just as a gender-based movement. At a time where part-time wrestlers are the norm and injuries continually railroad superstar momentum, the women have been the talk of the business. Two of these women in particular have given us a rivalry that will go down in history as one of the very best.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte have been trading championship blows in what has been documented as one of the best rivalries of 2016. This rivalry that has had these two ladies trading title reigns will culminate in a historic match within the confines of Hell and the Cell. The rumors of this history making match were running rampant for weeks until they were confirmed 2 weeks ago.

Once these women step inside the fortress of fear it will be the highlight of the division and another giant step forward for both competitors. There is no bigger end to a feud than a Hell in a Cell match and now Sasha and Charlotte will leave a path for all others to follow.

The first Hell in a Cell Match took place in 1997 at the Badd Blood: In Your House PPV that involved HBK and The Undertaker. For the following 16 years (33 matches) this match has been synonymous with history while eluding the women’s division all together; until now!

WWE continues to revolutionize the role of women’s wrestling by creating matches that create a buzz along with a decent amount of curiosity that will bring in viewers on a weekly basis. Banks’ last must-see rivalry with Bayley gave us our first women’s Iron Man match in 2015. When Bayley outlasted Banks in their Iron Man match last fall, their second instant classic in a row, it was known then they were ready to be the cornerstone of a product that needs life.

We are all aware that Monday Night Raw has been struggling in the ratings and SmackDown has been superior due to the work of superstars such as AJ Styles, but the women’s division has been the one thing to keep the fan interaction at a premium. Sasha Banks and Charlotte will not only be defending the women’s championship inside a Hell in a Cell, but will be headlining the RAW exclusive pay-per-view. I am sure this may not bode well with Seth Rollins or KO fans, but it is an honor that is rightfully earned. As it looks right now it could easily be considered as a “Triple Main Event” leaving it up to the audience to decide which match takes the crown. Either way it will be must-see TV.

Banks and Charlotte have a major opportunity ahead of them. However, unlike the prior performances, this one will come loaded with immense pressure. Even at its current high point, Banks and Charlotte will have a unique opportunity at increasing audience interest in the women’s division. If the match works the way they predict it will, WWE will be determined to feature more bouts within The Devils Playground in future PPV’s. It would certainly open the eyes of upper management and creative to take more chances with the current female roster. However, if the match is a flop, there will certainly be no rush to make history once again.

Looking at this match as a one-time ratings grabber will not give it justice. Instead, looking at it as the symbol for gender evolution within a steel structure that has the opportunity to change the landscape within the WWE forever is the ultimate vision. In my opinion, Sasha will come out victorious and continue on her title run up until the Royal Rumble. At this time we could see a Triple Threat match with Bayley added to the mix along with a special guest referee in someone like Lita. These visions could be a reality or nothing more than a dream. All we know for sure is history will be made on October 30th and if it works, the storyline will continually rewrite itself in the same way it does for the men.

Who will be victorious? Do you think this match will have the same impact for these two ladies just as it will for the men? Do you think the match itself justifies being the main event? What do you think this means for the women going forward? I am really looking forward to this match and think it has the chance to be one of the very best.

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