Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Should Main Event WWE Summerslam 2016


At Wrestlemania 32, the new Women’s division of WWE truly came
of age. A triple-threat match between the defending champion, Charlotte, The
Lass Kicker Becky Lynch, and The BOSS Sasha Banks, was the match of the night
and almost universally praised among the critical community. The movement which
started in NXT, has finally been put in the right position to soar to new
heights on the main roster. The match between 3 of the 4 Horsewomen (Hey, WEEE
WANT SOME BAYYYY LAAAYYY) was treated with a level of importance not seen at a
Wrestlemania, well since ever. Charlotte was welcomed with a large display of
pyro, and she added to the sense of occasion with an incredible robe that was a
Wrestlemania moment in itself. Did I mention Sasha Banks brought out SNOOP
DOGGY DOGG??? Only one of the most universally beloved hip-hop artists ever. If
you don’t like Snoop, I don’t even want to be associated with you.

While most fans I’ve conversed with would have liked Sasha Banks
to win the championship, this sets up WWE to really see where they stand on how
much they want to push the women. If it’s not just all talk, Charlotte vs Sasha
Banks should headline Summerslam 2016.


When looking at Wrestlemania, the biggest stories coming out of
it were, Shane McMahon jumping off the cell, the legends beating up dudes half
their age, the muting of the crowd when Roman Reigns appeared, and how 3 women
stole the show. Traditionally, the hottest combo of acts at a Wrestlemania find
a way to meet up at Summerslam. Coming out of Dallas, who on the main roster
were hotter than the women? Getting there is fairly easy, as they’ve began to
tease a Ric/Charlotte split which could occupy them both, before getting him
out the way before the showdown with Sasha. Sasha could go the route of Daniel
Bryan after Wrestlemania 29, and just be showcased in incredible matches until
the demand reaches a fever pitch.

With Summerslam descending upon Brooklyn again, lets not forget
last year when the aforementioned Sasha Banks owned the weekend with Bayley.
She could be preparing for back to back years of excellence. Sasha’s chase for
the newly christened WWE Women’s Championship, is more than worthy of a main
event position in WWE if done correctly. Matching her with her greatest rival
in Charlotte, could be the basis of a generational rivalry that could
define an important chapter in the history of Women’s Wrestling. It’s an
event that is going to draw by itself, so WWE can make a statement by putting
these two in position to “earn” that main event from now until August.
We’ve got nothing to worry about in the ring with these two women, as they have
phenomenal chemistry and are a walking 4 Star match combo.

With the jury still out on how Roman Reigns will move as
champion in WWE, and a returning injured roster that will have to be figured
out on the fly, not only is Sasha vs Charlotte a safe choice but it’s just
something we all want to see. They’ve been strategically kept apart on a big
stage since coming to the main roster, with Charlotte becoming champion, while
Sasha never gets pinned. Imagine WWE throwing the entire backstory of their
time in NXT together, with sit down interviews, with real tension. Maybe they
even use Summer Rae in some respect to help tell this story. WWE has a chance
to open a door to a room never previously entered, with giving these women the
Summerslam stage. The success they could see is a complete unknown, but this is
a prime time to find out.

Oh yeah, if Ric is still around, make this a steel cage match,

and watch these women work. I bet Ric blades.




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