Saying Goodbye to WWE’s True Superman….You will be Missed Daniel Bryan!


Daniel Bryan was one of the most popular Superstars that the wrestling world has seen in a very long time. As a wrestler in the prime of his career, he won over the WWE with his amazing wrestling moves, his “YES! YES! YES!” catchphrase and his undeniable charisma. Realizing today that the only YES! chant we may hear now will come from his wife, Brie Bella, has felt like a shot in the heart or the day our favorite character was killed off of TV.

When Daniel Bryan broke the news on twitter yesterday, it just didn’t seem legitimate. Wrestling fans and reporters alike were scouring the internet to find information on this possibly being a work. In their hearts they knew it was true, but in their minds it still wasn’t accepted as real. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time we have heard about the injury bug with our beloved Superman. However, it was the first time it was profiled on such a high level.


Daniel has been out of action since April 2015 for medical reasons that haven’t ever been revealed to the public. He has dealt with concussion issues for several years that date back to his Indy days. In an unfortunate turn of events, he even had to relinquish his Heavyweight championship in June 2014 after undergoing surgery on his neck, before returning to the 2015 Royal Rumble. This isn’t a new obstacle for Bryan, but certainly is one that is real.

Daniel made his professional debut in 1999. Over his ten year run on the independent wrestling circuit, Daniel earned the respect of the fans, performing in organizations like Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerilla. He eventually signed with the WWE in 2009 and was determined to show he belonged. Daniel is the WWE’s 26th Triple Crown Champion, having won the Intercontinental Championship, the WWE Heavyweight Championship and the Tag Team Championship with Kane.

His time in the WWE wasn’t always met with accolades and respect. It seems like just yesterday when we were speaking of Daniel Bryan being relegated to mid-card hell and being left out of the WWE Championship equation. The YES man worked his way up from mid-card hell to main event prominence in a very short time frame. Bryan’s journey from WWE’s entry level to championship-caliber Superstar was witnessed by the world even as he continually found himself in an uphill battle for respect. All he needed was a golden opportunity to show he had what it takes to be successful on wrestling’s grand stage. One he would certainly get.

The man who seemed to be going nowhere fast had become one of the most elite and prominent performers within the WWE. He had earned a reputation for being a guy who gets it done in the ring and delivers every time he is on live TV. His “Occupy RAW” movement will still go down as one of the most fascinating segments shown on the big screen. It, in itself showed how in love the fans were with the 5’8 bearded man who showed he had a heart bigger than a lion. He made everyone in the world a believer of him and themselves. His uncanny desire led him to the win at WrestleMania 30, which undoubtedly became the high point of his career and solidified his way into the WWE history books.

Many protagonists have stood in a WWE ring and claimed that the fans were the reason for their success. Yes, the fans had spoken, but Bryan still had to capitalize on the momentum. The YES movement was developed to portray him as a held down superstar, who needed to reach deep down to overcome the Authority. Fans typically believe in a guy like Bryan who tends to rise up and beat the odds. A wrestler who creates his own path and shows the blue collar work ethic that many can relate to, will always tend to go over well.

You can’t help but root for Bryan Danielson, the performer and now the family man. He wakes up today an accomplished man who is at ease with his decision. He has given the fans more than he could have ever imagined. He said during his speech he felt like Superman when he jumped through the ropes to attack an opponent outside the ring. This was a man that thoroughly enjoyed his profession.

Once the wrestling world got labeled as sports entertainment, many turned a blind eye and said they knew it was fake. Obviously, storylines are scripted and relationships are created in order to make the product work. However, these performers get real injuries and put their bodies on the line for a sport that may not necessarily make them rich. It is their love and their passion for what they do that drives them to entertain. Hell, a left handed reliever in baseball makes more than some of these guys and he only has to perform a few days a week. Bryan showed us what the love of wrestling truly means and for that we thank him. While the decision may be best for Daniel’s health, the wrestling world has lost an incredible talent that will forever be remembered as the man who always said “YES, I can.”

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