​Scott Hall Reveals Why He Got Heat For Putting Over Chris Jericho, Getting A Raise In WCW


Scott Hall recently made an appearance on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast. You can check out some highlights below:

On getting a A Raise From WCW For No Reason: “I’m barely paying attention to what’s happening on [WCW Monday] Nitro, so I’m not watching [WWE Monday Night] RAW at all. But Eric Bischoff called Kev and I in and we got a raise and a contract extension because he believed it. And then after that, he went, ‘I thought you guys didn’t care about the lawsuit and you were just going to go back there!’”

On Getting Heat For Putting Over Chris Jericho in WCW: “The storyline then was we were going to bring Larry Zbyszko into the pay-per-view at Halloween Havoc as a special [guest] referee against Lex Luger and I. And so, I was just supposed to keep hitting Chris with the Razor’s Edge, just keep dropping Jericho on his head until Zbyszko came down. And I said, ‘Chris, but that’s not going to get a reaction.’ I said, ‘think of some way to beat me out of my finish and get with me later,’ so he came up with the idea to kick his feet off the turnbuckle and small package me and I said, ‘don’t tell anybody. I’ll take all the heat.’ So when I came back through the curtain [after the match], Arn Anderson’s there at the Gorilla position just shaking his head, going, ‘you’re too much’. So now I’m walking back towards the locker room and I pass Eric Bischoff and he looks at me and he goes, ‘didn’t I tell you to go over?’ and I’m going, ‘you’re telling me you didn’t like my segment?’ and he’s going, ‘no, no, but weren’t you supposed to win?’ and I said, ‘does it really matter?’ and he just throws his hands up in the air.”

On Working With Shawn Michaels Early in His Career: ”Shawn was calling matches when he was doing jobs for guys in Texas. Shawn always had a clue. The first time anyone broke down to me the way a match should take place was Shawn Michaels on a trip from, like, Kansas City to Des Moines [Iowa]. We were just sitting in a car together talking and he just starts laying it out to me. He was always great. Even when he started, he was great, so he smartened me up and that’s why I’ve been invited to return to the NXT, to the [WWE] Performance Center to work with the young guys.”

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