When Scott Steiner Tore Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff Apart On Twitter


In April 2012, Scott Steiner began an epic string of Twitter rants, which I catalogued and translated. Why? Because through the disjointed spelling and grammar shone bright some elements of truth. TNA released Steiner from his contract in March, and it didn’t take long for him to spit fire at Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard and more. His crusade wasn’t designed to harm TNA, as he’d always appreciated the company and Dixie Carter. The purpose of the rants was to expose all the nasty things these guys did to take advantage of a show which didn’t need them.

Why am I re-posting this? Well, it’s mostly to do with Eric Bischoff’s recent comments on Impact Wrestling, which I found to be egregiously insulting. After all, it was he & Hulk Hogan who contributed to TNA’s downfall through their influence. Scott Steiner highlighted much of what they were doing back in 2012, but because his tweets were rife with expletives, it was difficult for most people to take him seriously. Many passed them off as him being pissed that they had released him. However, if you got through them all, you would find that he exposes a lot of what the new regime in TNA was doing to harm the product.


This was one of the first topics I ever wrote about on the site, way back when we had the old blog section with star ratings. Luckily I could find and revive it with the purpose of showing how the newly inducted WWE Hall of Famer feels about Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and others. I do not know how he feels about them now, but I reckon his opinions haven’t changed much. Steiner returned to Impact in 2017, but by then it was under new management.

[Warning!] – The numbers don’t lie! These dangerous tweets are filled with insults, expletives and other Steiner-esque behavior which should not be viewed by anyone. Consult with your doctor before digesting.

If you’d like something more positive and entertaining before the main course, allow Mr. Steiner to educate you in mathematics.

Now the math has been calculated, it’s time to decipher a variant of the English language only used by the Steiner breed. Buckle up freaks. This ride is about to get nasty.

April 2nd

“Can somebody send tna’s booking team of pritchard hogan n bischoff video’s from ring ka king? Booking hogan in a sex tape wont help ratings. What an embarassment to tna n spike tv brother… wait… His ex-wife said he was gay..so who’s the guy in the sex tape?” Read my tweets people, I am not blasting TNA, if I do I will let you know. 

Right now, I’m trying to save TNA because its The Titanic and its sinking fast because Hogan and Bischoff are doing the same b******* they did to destroy WCW. It took them 1 1/2 months to drive TNA to its lowest ratings ever. The best way to save it is to jump off and be the voice for the guys that can’t say anything.” 

In response to a fan saying he’s bitter: Bitter???? I have nothing to be bitter about! I have a contract extension signed by TNA officials that under the circumstances I would not sign.”

Translation: After being released from TNA, Scott blasted the creative team of Bruce Prichard, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff, and told them to watch his work in India’s Ring Ka King promotion. He brought up Hogan’s sex tape, which was worldwide news by this point.

He took the position of being the voice of the TNA roster (who wouldn’t speak up as they were still under contract) and fans to save the promotion before they killed it like they did to WCW. He did not sign a contract extension as he did not like how the promotion operated.

Scott Steiner

April 3rd

“How app’ate (about) wwe mentions tna by lawler makin fun of pritchard having a heart attack. That fat piece of s*** has ppl in tna that (think) he was vinces rite hand man. Bn up there twice-saw he was go’fer/bitch …. lawlers jokes are on par for what they thought of him. Keep on puttin mayonaise on your pigs feet n porkloins u fat f***. U were so close to makin alot of ppl happy.”

Translation: A really brutal insult directed at Bruce Prichard, who had recovered from two minor heart attacks in March. Steiner claims people would have been happy if he didn’t make it. I am not condoning this, and forgot how far some of these insults go.

April 5th

“When these assholes got control they tried to takeover everybodys twitter page. If u didnt have twitter they made one up for U… so u people who think your tweeting sting? Its not him. He told me he doesnt watch the show so hes not tweeting about a show he doesnt watch.

Everybody refused to sign over twitter so every wk u get an email begging u to twitter what they want. Got one today, Please tweet this; Hogan take over as GM wonder what he will do…WTF really? Even if u r not on show, Please tweet.. so the booking team of pritchard bischoff n hogan wont book U. Tweet about yourself hogan, nobody else wants to tweet about u u f***ing mark.

Wondering what hogans going to do…hmmmm…hes a fn mark so hes going to make a couple of matches that ppl want to see. Nothing more unprofessional than a heel wanting to be cheered. So ppl cheer him which pissed everybody off, especially sting bcuz he had to wrestle him. Have the future of wrestling garrett do something bcuz eric told him to in booking meeting….what a f***ing joke. Now hes good but hes going to (do) everything like he did when he was bad bcuz he was good first.

And that produced the worst ratings ever, so he went bad, which was just as bad as when he was good. Then his bad wasnt any good bcuz his ratings still sucked, so he turnd back to good from bad. Wtf y’all get his b******* …. dont forget to say BROTHER.. bcuz its fresh. Remember deny u had anything to do with the release of the sex tape to try n get more sales. How kardashian of u….Homomania running wild.. his s*** writes itself. His ex-wife said he was gay right!!!.. hhmmm who brought in Orlando Jordan.”

Translation: He says the company tried to force talent to hand over their social media accounts. If they didn’t have an account, an employee created one so they could pose as the wrestler. The company asked those with an account to post what they sent, but it didn’t go down well. He said the wrestlers should tweet what they want so they don’t get booked. Then he went on a long “good, bad” thing, insulting the many failed face/heel switches Hogan had since turning up in TNA.

Scott SteinerApril 6th

“Bischoff had a ringside meeting at tv tapings and praised flair for being a 2x HOF”er. Guys were like, wtf what a MARK, he does know the HOF is a work right? Guys dont respect Flair they have all gone to espn webpage n read the article on Grantland. They see a drunk who doesnt own a car, a house, and cant pay his electic bill for his appartment.

They were saying damn, not only is he an asshole he’s a fn mark. Then on the show he put over the HOF rings twice… hey dumbass the WWE thanks u for putting over there product. What a marketing genius, Why dont u run a streamer during the show and announce their houseshows for this wkend.”

Translation: Wrestlers don’t respect Flair as they see what he’s like backstage, which is a drunk who puts over two HOF rings from a company they claim they want to compete with.

April 8th

“U R a fool Hogan-U n bischoff arrogantly came into Tna n disrespected n s*** on evrybdy bhind closed doors n in the media n u didnt think u were going to piss ppl off. U unprofessional mothrf***’rs attackd AJ, Roode, Angle n Borash n the media, but to attack Angle professionally n personally was b*******. Which i will address later, YOU, bischoff n pritchard book the show, tell me how u lobbying yourself to get me back u lying piece of s***.

No (one) believes your b*******, U see money n talent in me really, U also think bitchoffs son is the future of wrestling F*** U. Your an idiot, U intro me to your family n im nice doesnt mean i give a f*** about u N and your bust-out family. Put your daughter on the corner n see if she can earn money on her back bcuz she cant sing or dance. U dont know….u dont know who i am and what im capable of.. your creative control wont help u in real life situations.”

Translation: Getting very personal as Steiner responds to recent comments by Hogan & Bischoff. He defends AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, and Jeremy Borash from comments Hogan & Bischoff made about them to the media. Steiner does not believe Prichard or Bischoff ever lobbied to have him back. He never cared for Eric or his family, and suggests he pimps his daughter out as she can’t sing or dance.

Scott Steiner

April 9th

“The reason they started to f*** with AJ n started to bury him was bcuz hogan n bitchoff wanted him to bleach his hair like Flairs and he didnt, when they startd fortune. Ive wrestled AJ a bunch of times n i respect a guy who wrestles hard every nite, he has bn there from the beginning, i never thought it continue this long. But hogan n bitchoff r assholes.”

Translation: He cites the reason the company started burying AJ in the mid-card was because he didn’t go all-in with the Fortune gimmick. AJ wore Ric Flair-like robes (which were poorly made), but didn’t go the full way of bleaching his hair. He puts AJ over as a guy who wrestled hard every night from the beginning.

April 10th

“With all the media coverage via U tube,  and the 40 billboards of me thruout India covering Ring ka King, isnt it strange that Tna mentiond very little about it? Thats bcuz Pritchard hogan n bitchoff were pissd bcuz it did so well drawing 14 mill viewers n they had nothin to do with it. U couldnt talk about it at the office or tweet about it. THINK ABOUT THAT!

We went to India for Tna but Tna did very lil coverage of it. Bcuz these idiots were pissed they had nothing to do with the success of it .. so they tried to bury the ppl who went over there. They tried to bury me, they immediately startd beating morgan, they couldnt bury Magnus bcuz they had sent him home when they first came in, so they startd using him bcuz next trip to India they’ll say he cant go .. Magnus is 25 yrs he can talk, wrestle and he looks great, why would they send him home for about a year.

Oh, yeah bcuz Garrett is 28 yrs has had less than 10 matches has great sideburns, cant throw a clothesline. And is the future of wrestling F***! “But the guy they r burying the worst is abyss .. f***ing why! They made him take off his mask cut his hair n walk around sayin he is abyss’s brother. Which makes everybody look stupid, like we dont know what abyss looks like, what he never took off his mask. Why… abyss has bn there from the begining n is a nice guy…but they just f*** with everybody bcuz they r assholes.

As soon as these assholes took over they built up a barrier where u could no longer talk to dixie u had to talk Bruce. We all thought pritchard is a prick n didnt want to talk to him, but those who tried to contact dixie either got ignored or reprimended. Not sure how pritchard hogan n bitchoff convinced dixie to turn her back on the ppl who built up Tna. And listen to the 3 jackoffs that are sinking Tna. .wrestling has always bn about ratings ratings ratings.”

“Ratings are like a scoreboard, there isnt one coach that looks at the scoreboard at the end of the game and wonders who won..and since these guys came to tna the ratings suckd and still do !!!!!! So was is it so hard to figure out who is the problem?

Since they came in ratings are down but costs are up, so to cuts cost in other areas to pay for these worthless ratings killers. They cut the money for catering and we startd using paper plates n plastic, f***ing crazy!!!! Pritchard hogan n bitchoffs tactics were to make everybody job scared by fn with everybody and turnd tna into a zoo, a circus. And just like every good circus u have clowns n midgets ……..”

Translation: A long tirade. He says Prichard and Bischoff were jealous of the work done in India for Ring Ka King, so they buried those associated with it. He said they couldn’t bury Magnus as they’d sent him home, despite being young and talented.

Steiner is not a fan of the Joseph Park gimmick at all. He says Prichard and Bischoff put up a barrier, so the roster had to talk to them instead of going straight to Dixie, and they were punished if they tried going over their heads. Also says that ratings declined, and costs went up so much it affected catering. He said Prichard, Hogan and Bischoff had turned TNA into a zoo, and a circus.

Scott Steiner

April 11th

“When i look at hogan i see the same thing as the nielson ratings system does …….low f***n ratings. Hogan also attackd Bobby Roode on the radio b4 he was going to wrestle Kurt Angle. In Philli on ppv sayn Roode wasnt ready, Ive wrestled Bobby a bunch of times n he wrestles hard every nite n he can go. He can talk, wrestle and looks good, and hes proving that hogan doesnt know s*** (except that garrett is the future)..WTF.

At the ppv he was pissd n went up to Pritchard and told him he was going on the radio and calling hogan out. And Pritchard beggd him not to, so i see him n he tells me what happend, I told him thats whats hogan does. In WCW hogan put his thumb on evrybody, deciding who wins in every match bcuz he has creative control in his contract. Hogan shows up and changes the outcome of his match, Bobby was going to kill him but he kept his cool.

Every tv, every ppv the place is a zoo, a circus bcuz these assholes change things every hour, the storylines are stupid and dont make sense. And when u ask questions they cant give u a reason why they want u to do something that doesnt make sense.

And since hogan bitchoff n pritchard brought the chaos, the circus, to Tna, they also brought their own clown/midget. Which is Jason Hervey, (yep that one) the insignicant bro in wonder years this 5’5″ midget walks around. All day n night with a baseball hat n aviator glasses like hes Steven Spielberg… f*** im looking for ashston (kutcher) like were getting punk,d.

Fn crazy, why is he there hes business partners with bitchoff just like hogan n bitchoff are business partners. Now do u know why Tna is the titanic and is sinking fast…..? Need to save TNA. They are doin the same stupid b******* that they did in WCW.. except now instead of pushing Flairs son David. To the point where he beat Chris Benoit, he is now pushing his own son, where is David Flair today?

Ive seen all this s*** b4, remember he made David Arquette champion, F***!! Ted Turner ownd WCW and they ran it into the ground. And he was a multi multi BILLIONAIRE. We were all in the back sayin WTF are we in the twilight zone …. fn crazy”

Translation: He tells a story about how Hogan buried Robert Roode before a match with Kurt Angle, saying he wasn’t ready for the big time. Roode found out about it and planned to call him out, but Prichard stopped it. Steiner said Hogan’s done it before, as he could say who would win matches in WCW because of his creative control. Hogan changed the outcome, but Bobby kept his cool.

Creative would change every hour and nothing made sense. No one could explain how it made sense. He blasted Eric’s friend Jason Hervey. He pleaded to the TNA fans to save it, and that the idiots in charge are doing the same thing as what happened in WCW. Roode got his own back on Hogan later, when he was TNA World Champion.

April 12th

“That same wkend he was suppose to go on ESPN and promote the ppv, so he is on the show, and the host ask him whats his most embarassing moment in the ring.. remember hes there to promote the ppv. He says wrestling Andre and he s***s himself…the host asks him a couple more questions. Which i dont remember bcuz im on the floor belly laughing.. then the host thanks him for bn on the show.

And he says “Be COOL EAT FRUIT… thats right BE COOL EAT FRUIT…WTF way to promote the ppv DUMBASS. Getting alot of support from evrybody bcuz im sayin what they wish they could. Even guys from back in WCW who hogan kept his thumb on and Eric was an asshole to. Tonite is a good nite for you fans to help save TNA, so all u fans of AJ Roode Angle Abyss Sting Morgan Magnus Kazarian.

Everybody who was a fan of Tna b4 bitchoff hogan n Pritchard f***d Tna up,tonite during the show, If u see hogan bitchoff or his son turn the channel.. wait 5 mins and turn it back you wont miss amything, except their b*******.. and it will give u fans a voice thru the nielson ratings, Lets show these assholes that we dont want their b******* and its time to save TNA from the same fate as WCW”

Translation: He told a story of Hogan going on ESPN to promote a TNA PPV, yet completely neglected to mention it. He pleaded with fans to use their voice and turn the channel when Hogan or The Bischoffs were on the TV.

Scott Steiner

April 13th

“Ever since england they have made someone come out with garrett to make sure he wasnt booed. First they made jeff hardy do it then last nite it was AJ Rvd Anderson that bcuz over in England when hogan n garrett were in the ring and he said garrett was the future of wrestling, Hogan n garrett got booed so bad they had to do multiple takes bcuz the booing was so bad!!!

But they fixed it in post-production to look like they were cheering when it aired but it still drew a bad rating. Listen dumbasses just bcuz u fixed it in post it still fn happen snap out of yur fantasy world n realize nobody gives a f*** about a guy who cant talk, wrestle, and is the son of an asshole.

Bitchoff n hogan have no respect for the business or the ppl in Tna to do this b*******. Check out the graphic for the ppv, it has eric n garrett in fore front n everybody else that ppl care about in the background, thats b******* but they put everybody else in the match bcuz they know if they just put eric n garrett in a match ppl will s*** all over it..

U want to drive bitchoff crazy, bring signs to ppv saying 609 or chant 609 when he is in the ring. FYI make signs at building bcuz they take all signs that they dont like. Feel bad for the guys who have to put up with this b******* , Garrett hasnt earnd the right to be on TV,, 10 matches F***. Flyin to toronto remember 609- 609- 609 save TNA”

Translation: Garett got such adverse reactions the company started pairing him with faces like Jeff Hardy, RVD, and Mr. Anderson. TNA had to edit a segment with Hogan and Garett because the British fans booed the hell out of them after Hogan claimed Garett was the future of wrestling. He didn’t appreciate Garett and Eric taking the spotlight on the PPV poster. He first references 609, which is a lawsuit Steiner details later.

April 14th

“Wtf hogan in the fantasy world u live in u need to get hookd on phonics so u can read, U stupid mother****er, my tweets havent bn about what i believe, but about what u have done. Now u have a crystal ball in yur fantasy world and u can see my future, look at yur own future.

You better hope im not in it, and hopefully karma keeps visiting you in your future. I feel bad for everyone close to u also especially your wife, a lil advice in the “future”. Dont say beetlejuice 3x in front of her:……. She has a small head…. Anytime Hogan !!! Is anybody surprisd Hogan n bitchoff were all over the show n the ratings suckd again?”

Translation: Hogan cannot read. He says Hogan better look in to his crystal ball and hope he’s not in his future, followed by an insult about his wife, and how bad the ratings were for the show which aired the same day.

Scott SteinerApril 17th

“The ppv on sunday had a crowd of 2,500-3,000 that had alot of freebies, considering that TNA is based out of Nashville that is really bad, along with the horrible rating on thursday, Hogan bitchoff n pritchard are going to sink Tna, both bitchoffs got zero reaction during their entrances.

An Enstein quote;”we cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them”. Bitchoff n hogan R too stupid to turn Tna around, and with the embarassing attendance of this wkend’s ppv, the sinking of the titanic Tna will happen just like WCW….it is crazy that Tna is based in Nashville and even with giving away free tickets there was only 2,500-3,000 ppl there.

Since Dixie loves twitter why dont U fans tweet her and tell her what the nielson ratings are telling her. Bitchoff n hogan suck and nobody wants to watch them or the future garrett, Bitchoff n hogan have bn in Tna for about 2 1/2 yrs WTF they are not all of a sudden going to grow a brain.”

Translation: Steiner felt the PPVs attendance was very weak, and we should blame it on Bischoff, Hogan and Prichard. He gets Dixie Carter involved in his rants. He seems to think Dixie doesn’t check the ratings, so he advises fans to remind her of what she should already know.

April 18th

“When hogan attacked Kurt Angle (who was the Tna champion at the time) both professionally n personally that really crossed the line, and pissed alot of wrestlers off, saying kurt had two left feet is ridiculous considering he is an Olympic Champion, kurt has two beautiful young children and for hogan to say anything about them is bullshit.

Karen ripped him a new asshole and all he could say was im sorry i got tongue tied. WTF “tongue tied”. The next day at tv’s everybody thought kurt was going to kick hos(his) ass but lucky for hogan kurt is a laid back guy and could care less what hogan says or does, so im in the locker rm with kurt and a couple other guys, and hogan comes in and stays by the door not coming all the way in, im thinking why isnt he coming in its not like he could outrun anybody, and he asks kurt if everything is cool, kurt half laughs and says yeah.

I look at hogans hands and they’re shaking worse than a parkinson patient feeding birds at the park, he asks kurt about 5x if everything is cool and then leaves, and we bust out laughing, typical hogan what a fucking cunt. Thats not the first time i saw hogan’s tail go between his legs and walk away or in his case, his balls schivel up into his vagina and walk away.”

Translation: Steiner is very protective of his former Main Event Mafia stablemate Kurt Angle.

Hogan said in an interview: “You know I talked to his wife and she said he’s a horrible driver. The whole time they were married she wouldn’t even let him drive the kids. He texts when he drives, he’s great in the ring as far as focusing but his people skills are horrible. He’s got two left feet, and it translates into his driving. I’m not making any excuses for him, but I want to know what the facts are before I pass any judgement.” – Karen responded to him in anger, and this is what Scott was referring to a year after the comments. Hogan was apparently scared to death of Angle not being cool with him.

Scott Steiner
Main Event Mafia: Scott Steiner, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash & Sting

April 21st

“Another horrible rating for thursdays tv show, and of course they blame it on technical difficulties, instead of the brutal booking of pritchard hogan n bitchoff, after 2 1/2 yrs of bad ratings not sure what its going to take to see the obvious, they cant keep ignoring the fans of Tna, you fans are the backbone of wrestling, so the ppl who were fans of Tna b4 Hogan n bitchoff got there n dont want them to destroy Tna like they did WCW keep the momentum going, when u see a hogan or bitchoff segment turn the channel wait 5 mins and turn it back you wont miss a thing.

Keep tweeting dixie she loves her twitter…… you fans have a voice save Tna. Been getting alot of support bcuz alot of fans recognize that im telling the truth and realize what im trying to do. But some still dont get it so i will respond to those; someone said write a book.. maybe one day i will but right now i’d rather save Tna.

Some ppl think im bn negative, no im telling whats happening in Tna and its the truth and its negative, if i was lying You would think ONE person would say so.. im not trashing Tna im trashing hogan n bitchoff who are trashing Tna. Another one was cant read my tweets bcuz they r negative.. no they are whats happening in Tna now since hogan n bitchoff took control I’ve bn tweeting for 2 &1/2 wks but the guys have bn putting up with this negative bullshit for 2 1/2 yrs.

Get real bitch 95% of support has bn positive but i will respond to some of the negative that dont seem to get it. Garrett is about to understand negative when he finds out what the # 609 represents.. when a bitchoff is in the ring chant 609.”

Translation: A bit of repetition, except this time he acknowledges the positive reaction to his messages, as well as those who criticize him for what they believe are lies and unnecessary negativity. Maybe he’s not articulating in the way some fans would prefer, but in his eyes, at least he’s helping a roster who has had to put up with what he is referencing for 2 1/2 years.

April 22nd

“Reading pro wrestling webpage and hogan is like a pull string doll, pull his string and if hes sayin “What ya gonna do” or “say yur prayers take yur vitamins” he sounds ok. But if hes not sayin his lines he sounds like a fucking idiot…

Open fight night….REALLY..all that is-indy wrestlers who nobody will know or care about having a tryout match, taking away valuable air time from the guys who are already there, try using that air time for a storyline or character development… 3 judges …Really…their isnt one person that believes the 3 judges decide who gets a contract..it still u 3 assholes pritchard bitchoff n U.. yur problem is U think Yur smarter than everybody but ppl see thru yur bullshit and yur insulting the fans intelligence.

Wtf yur planning the nxt wrestling boom….really..hogan yur a con man, a used car salesman and its hard to believe that ppl in Tna & Spike Tv actually believe yur bullshit.. yur just stringing them along so U continue to Collect a paycheck.. if u had any great ideas u would have used them already.

FUCK-you been in Tna for 2 1/2 yrs now…..wtf u waiting Einstein…the more u talk the stupider u sound. Check with bitchoff for ideas; maybe he still has David Arquette’s # on speed dial. U listen to PEOPLE….Really….well the neilson ratings system is telling U that PEOPLE Arent watching you so listen to the PEOPLE, they dont want U and bitchoff to do what u did to WCW. Catching U sprewing yur bullshit and lies is too easy..if U listen to ppl like u claim where is Jeff Jarrett the founder of Tna & the guy who ran Ring ka King, he has his critics, everybody does.

Hes not perfect nobody is; but the facts are Tna’s ratings were better than U 3 assholes Lets examine what U did with him;U tried to bury him thru character assasination& when U 3 Couldnt make him quit U 3 got him sent home; instead of trying to impress us on how U are going to create the nxt wrestling boom LOL;,explain yur behind closed door polictics & tactics, and what u said to convince Dixie to send her own business partner in Tna home.

I think ppl would find that much more interesting, too see what a piece of shit u really are, and the longer U 3 are in charge the more collateral damage there is going to be; there isnt one person u have built up;U 3 have torn everybodys character down.”

Translation: He annihilates the Open Fight Night concept. Also says Hogan has no good ideas at all. He says how they schemed to get rid of Dixie’s business partner, Jeff Jarrett. And while Double J wasn’t perfect, the ratings were better under his leadership.

April 23rd

“Open fight night makes Tna look so “Bush League” so an indy wrestler who nobody knows or cares about can demand a title; way to de-value the world title. So world title holders have to stand backstage like jabron’s and an indy wrestler can call them out Way to break down the pecking order, dumbass.

Can u imagine Stone Cold the Rock, John Cena, Undertaker all warming up backstage, waiting for some indy wrestler too call them out. WTF are u kidding me, pritchard hogan n bitchoff are F’n stupid way to build up yur champions.”

Translation: Blasts Open Fight Night more, by saying that pitting indy wrestlers against world champions is the worst thing you can do for any world championship.

Scott Steiner

April 27th

Im glad everybody is agreeing with what i said last wk about open fight night. Brillant booking by the 3 assholes what a waste of airtime on the indy wrestler..wtf really, is everybody believing me now that pritchard was just a go’fer in the WWE, how many bad shows do the Tna fans have to suffer thru b4 Tna n spike tv officials realize he is lying.

Keep tweeting @tnadixie to voice yur opinon to save Tna from the same fate as WCW. How stupid fake n out of date did hogans backstage promos look, like i said if hogan isnt sayin his catchphrases he sounds like a FF’n idiot. Its clear that nobody cares about eric or garrett bitchoff bcuz their segments draw low ratings.

So u would think that with him “leaving” having another segment on him would be the last thing they would do….but of course they had 4-5 segments on him which was brutal n hard to watch, how fake did it look when garrett took eric to the port o john and Then put him in.. thus ending with a SHIT shot on a SHIT show.

Translation: Some more repetition, before getting in to Eric Bischoff “leaving” TNA. In fact, I’m pretty sure he was just wrote off TV so he could focus on backstage stuff. And I agree, it was a shit shot on a shit show. The only thing I can remember is how terrible the ending was, which was easily worse than the rest of the show combined. I do not recommend watching it. No one should ever see this again.

After leaving TNA, Eric Bischoff claims they owed him and his son money. They were going to sue, but the legal fees would have cost too much, so he decided not to pursue it. This is what he said:

“When I left TNA, they owed me $120,000-$130,000. Flat out breach of contract, just quit paying. No accusation that I failed to fulfill my end of the agreement. They just stopped paying because they were hurting. If somebody would’ve picked up the phone and said, ‘Eric, we’re sorry. We know what we owe you but we can’t pay it. I probably would’ve said, ‘Okay.’ At that point, I didn’t need the money so it wouldn’t have been a big deal. But I never got that; it was just nothing.

I called my attorney and I started pursuing it. I was going to sue them. They screwed my son out of $35,000-$45,000 and that really got me hot. To screw my kid out of money because you’re pissed off at me? So, I went through the motions and filed lawsuits, and TNA, man, they were ghosting everybody. You couldn’t serve anybody, you couldn’t find anybody. People changed their phone numbers. By the time I got to suing them, it was ridiculous.”


I was done with keeping track of Scott Steiner’s tweets word for word, but I caught the highlights and wrote them down.

May 1st—Scott mentions how TNA doesn’t fly Mike Tenay and Taz over to TV tapings anymore because they need to save money for Bischoff & Hogan’s contracts. They have to do voiceovers instead.

He mentions Eric ripping on Jeremy Borash, which got him major backstage heat. They tried to defuse the heat by having JB challenge Eric on-air, but Garett saving the day ruined it. Also says they originally planned to have Hogan’s son and Bischoff’s son to get major pushes together.

May 2nd—Slates the company for changing their philosophy to “wrestling matters”, and then doing nothing to change the show’s presentation. Mentions Orlando Jordan’s openly gay gimmick, which flopped considerably as families with kids (the Impact zone was filmed in Orlando Studios near Disney World) were appalled by the scenes where he sexually thrusts toward other men.

He didn’t bash Jordan for being gay, because Steiner isn’t homophobic, but the company failed to recognize its target audience by inappropriately sexualizing the gimmick. Also says Hogan considered booking himself as TNA World Champion. Has said several times that his ex-wife called him gay.

May 3rd—Laughs at Hogan’s idea of encouraging fans to video tape wrestlers TMZ style, although it’s clearly a breach of privacy and not everyone’s a camera whore.

Calls Hogan names after he finally responds to him, following weeks of tweets. Also responds to Bischoff (who called him a drug abuser) by saying Garett did the same thing to become a wrestler.

He explains what #609 means, which was Bischoff’s docket while swearing under oath in Atlanta’s Gold Club trial. The full docket being: 1:19-CR-609. Ends the day by threatening them both (Bischoff/Hogan) and saying he will show them how ruthless he can be.

May 9th—After days of continued ranting, Steiner reveals the true meaning behind #609. He says Bischoff went to court over a stripper he hired for himself and his wife. He said Bischoff would watch them and join in later.

A problem occurred when Bischoff gave her a low tip. The stripper was furious and left to tell her boss about it. Her boss gave her a bigger tip out of the register, which was being monitored by the FBI; which is how he got caught up in it.

May 10th—Steiner and James Storm were scheduled to have a match, but just as they were gearing up (they’d already talked through the finish), he was told he was no longer in the match. He blames the bookers for it.

May 15th—Scott reveals he has not tweeted lately as he had a warning from Hogan and Bischoff’s lawyers. It did not stop him going on a rant about Brooke Hogan though!

May 17th—He laughs very hard over Brooke Hogan’s response, where she claims she would “make more money on her back than he ever did in his entire career”. He said even if she did a porno, she’d still never make that much. Better yet, she should do one with her dad.

June 10th—A sizable gap for a good reason. Scott explains that a high ranking TNA official which he respects had asked him to stop because it was hurting the company. It didn’t stop him though, as he literally posted dozens of tweets ripping Brooke Hogan a new one.

Steiner kept tweeting til the end of June, and then disappeared. He returned in 2013, but posted rarely, and never anything about TNA. He became more active in 2015, but remained quiet about Hogan/Bischoff, etc. Midway through 2015, he said Hogan and Donald Sterling need to play Russian Roulette with all the bullets in the chamber.

He rips Hogan for his racist rant, before going quiet again. He returned in August/early September to go on a rant about Hogan’s racism controversy, and how he’s cutting babyface promos to weasel out of it.

On the 16th, he explained the FBI had footage of when he apparently assaulted Hogan and his wife in an airport. Nothing happened on the tape, so Hogan lied to get him arrested and put in prison. He said Hogan lied about his whereabouts too… which pissed WWE off, so they banned him from the Hall of Fame ceremony.


I’m at the point where my old material ends, so here’s some extra. Since this, it was revealed that TNA filed legal complaints at him in June 2012 (which is why he disappeared), and he responded by filing two countersuits. The first was because they owed royalties, and the second was because they allowed Jeff Hardy to wrestle with him while intoxicated. According to PWInsider, Impact Wrestling’s lawsuit against Steiner was dismissed in 2016:

“TNA’s lawsuit against Scott Steiner was dismissed on 2/22 by the Chancery Court in Nashville, TN.  The Judge’s ruling issuing the dismissal noted that it was being done with “prejudice”, meaning that TNA would be barred from filing the lawsuit down the line and re-opening the civil case.

TNA sued Steiner in June 2012, claiming he breached his (by then expired) TNA contract by making disparaging remarks about TNA, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard, among others. TNA had sought damages and an injunction to stop Steiner from speaking out.

In responding to TNA’s suit against him, Steiner denied that he ever agreed to not disparage the company, that speaking out against it would breach his deal, that he was involved in a “concerted effort to disparage” the company and its officers, that he ignored requests to stop, that he is in a legal and binding agreement with TNA and that TNA has suffered damages as a result of his actions.

Steiner had stated his TNA deal expired and while he was offered a new contract, he opted to turn it down and never executed the deal. As time went on, every single person Steiner went after via social media has departed TNA, which made the company’s decision to keep pursuing the matter all the more puzzling.”

Hall of Fame

In 2015, Scott Steiner was banned from attending the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony because Hulk Hogan’s wife Jennifer reported to the police that he had threatened her life at a San Jose airport. Steiner denies making these threats or putting his hands on her, but admits to talking to her.

However, he says that the only thing he did was tell her it was b******* that Hogan was inducting ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, because he hated the guy and everyone knows that. He says that if she felt threatened, she could have told the police at the airport, but she didn’t, and Hogan made up the story because he’s afraid of him.

Steiner was good friends with Randy Savage and did not get to be at his induction ceremony. This year, when he was inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame with his brother Rick, he told us an amusing story about a time when they herded cows.


To round this up, as a long-time TNA Impact fan (who has never defended everything they do), I have my response to Eric Bischoff’s comments. Some may have already read it in Disqus, but in case you didn’t? Here you go:

“This is a guy who almost killed the company with him and Hogan waltzing in with the “HEY LET’S COMPETE WITH WWE!” crap when TNA clearly did not have the infrastructure to do that. He, Hogan, and other cronies bled Dixie Carter dry to where even her rich dad from Panda Energy wouldn’t bail them out.

She had to sell it off to Anthem because it was in so much debt. Watch some of those early shows from when Anthem took over. They had to scale back like no tomorrow, and had to cut many talents, including Sting, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and so many more because it simply couldn’t afford them. Hell, they couldn’t even afford to keep Earl Hebner. Anthem moved it to Canada and were producing shows that looked very indy.

Impact has only just started making money again, after struggling for many years because Bischoff & others destroyed everything that made TNA a fun alternative with an identity which needed no changes. Him saying all this crap about Impact is partly his doing. He should praise them for turning it around and cleaning up the mess he helped create. Bischoff had no clue what he was doing in Impact, that much was clear.”

Apologies, that wasn’t Steiner-esque, but I got your hook up just like ‘Little Petey Pump’. Sure, Impact isn’t growing exponentially, and it’s on a network no one gets, but at least it’s still around.

I remember back when critics would say it’s at death’s door and wouldn’t be around by next year, yet it refused to die. By the time Anthem Sports bought it from Dixie Carter, the company had one leg in the casket and a priest ready to cite a sermon. A few years ago, they added a new PPV name called “Hard To Kill” just to reference its toughness. That’s how much they have had to scratch and claw their way out of the pit.

The End Of TNA

Vince Russo originally came up with TNA as a play on “T&A”, to let fans know it would be an edgier product compared to WWE. It should be known that it was Eric Bischoff who heavily pushed for the TNA branding to be dropped in favor of Impact Wrestling. You could say he killed “Total Nonstop Action” Wrestling, but Spike TV was also partly to blame.

Anthem Sports accepted the change when they took over, although they teased a return to the TNA branding (by producing a TNA show) not long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it had to be cancelled at the last minute. Here’s what he said:

“The ideation of TNA was juvenile, prepubescent. In my humble opinion, it was stupid to start out with, it was even dumber to hold onto to it when you’re trying to become a national promotion on a high profile cable outlet in prime time when you’re trying to appeal to advertisers. It was as stupid as any idea that I’ve seen perpetuated for an extended period of time. It was time to drop TNA but people in TNA didn’t want to, they felt like oh my gosh, we invested so much in this brand, yes and it was a stupid brand to invest in!

“Finally, Spike pumped the brakes and said sorry, if we’re going to continue with this show and try to sell it, we have to rebrand it. It was a tough battle, there was a lot of push back internally, mostly from the people who didn’t have anything to do with running the business on a day to day basis from Texas, that being Panda Energy. Mommy and Daddy, mostly mommy, didn’t want to spend the money so Spike did! Spike paid for the rebranding, Spike paid for the research, these are things the company should have been doing for themselves but they didn’t and wouldn’t so Spike said alright if you won’t, we will.”

And with that said, I hope this has been informative and your brain cells remain intact. As Scott Steiner would say: “Well, you see, I come from a highly educated university, so when I come out here and speak to these white trash, I gotta dumb myself down!” – Thanks for reading!

Scott Steiner

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