September 2017 Mailbag Q&A – Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #304


The content for this week’s playlist of Smark Out Moment SMACK TALK wrestling podcasts (episode #304) consists of the following videos:

Hot Tags Topics of the Week (recorded 9/26)

  • Cody Rhodes signs exclusive contract with Ring of Honor
  • Maria Kanellis 13 weeks pregnant
  • Jeff Hardy to undergo surgery for torn rotator cuff
  • Thoughts on WWE Story Time season 2 episode 2: “It Wasn’t Always Easy”
  • Ric Flair estimates he’s slept with 10,000 women

Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: September Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “What fictional characters and celebrities have you had the hots for? One of each.”
  • “If you opened a wrestling federation, what would it be called? Would you run it with a figurehead like 80’s Vince, or as a character, like Mr. McMahon years? If you had to hire a figurehead to be the face commissioner of your company, who would you pick?”
  • “If you were a wrestler, and you could pick any wrestler from the history of the sport (within reason) who would be your manager/valet/bodyguard?”
  • “Do you think we will ever see the real Seymour Skinner again? Remember Principle Skinner’s real name is Armin Tamzarian. What do you think of that whole thing/episode?”
  • “Did Gail Kim piss off WWE because Enzo is using her finisher Eat Deaft? Do you like the Eddie Guerero cheat to win style from Enzo?”
  • “Do you think Enzo was sent to 205 Live to kill the Cruiserweights like Hornswoggle did before? Do you think WWE should just get rid of The Cruiserweight division?”
  • “Speaking of Enzo I know Roman kicked him off the bus, did Roman kick him out of the locker room? In theory Roman has to let him back in and I don’t feel like this will be Miz changing outside after Chris’s death and Undertaker saying you can come back in”
  • “This is a question to everyone, but I need to single out Tony. Since The Bar teaming with Cesaro has Sheamus become more interesting? Sheamus or Del Rio who do you hate more now?”
  • “Do you think Stephanie McMahon’s return was under whelming to say the least?”
  • “Did you hear Eddie’s son Dominick (Mysterio) has made his wrestling debut?”
  • “Do you think Lucha Underground will not be renewed because of the Sexy Star issue at Triple A?”
  • “What did you think of Mia Yim from Mae Young classic? She is one of my favorite woman wrestlers from past few years and holds my favorite match of the year with Rosemary Monster Ball”
  • “How stupid of a name is Johny Impact for John Morrison? What is your favorite Morrison name? My is Johny Mundo”
  • “Since people seem to leave GFW, TNA whatever the name if it still in business ever week or so who do you want to leave for WWE? My answer is James Storm and Abyss/Rosemary, to reform Decay with Crazy Steve and to see a Storm Roode feud I’m over a Beer Money reunion for now”
  • “At Raw I was talking to the guy behind me about Roode (Who had not made his debut yet). I said my he’s part of my favorite tag team, he said Dirty Heels, you know it is Beer Money. So who do you think is Roode’s best team?”
  • “Do you think Bobby Roode is doing good on the main roster? Darn I say he’s Gloriless. Do you think he is the one to beat Jinder and that’s why he’s a face?”
  • “Do you think The Hardys, Elias, James Elsworth, Wrestler Lana, Singh Brothers, Shelton Benjamin and Drew McIntyre will be DLC in WWE 2K18? I wouldn’t mind Hardy, Shelton and Drew as older versions of self if they don’t have models, not a make or break for me though”
  • “Do you think that today the character of The Undertaker played by Mark Callaway or not would get over today?”
  • “Do you think Undertaker is retired? I heard rumor of Taker Vs Roman Vs Brock please no”
  • “Who in the concussion lawsuit do you think should be in the Hall of Fame? Should Ted Turner be in the Hall of Fame?”
  • “I’m scoring ever WWE PPV so be warned this question probably show up again. The Elimination Survivor Series Match how is that scored if you are eliminated and your team wins do you get a w or l? I’m scoring by WWE standards if I had the call you lose you lose”
  • “WWE now has 3 free agents Uncle Shūshu John Cena ok movies, Renee Young should just be on Raw and Cory Grave pick a side. What do you think of that and the brand split? For the big 4 do you think Cory calls both shows? I think I’m finally 100% understand and agree with what Tony has been saying all this time”
  • “People are saying the world is upside with Trump as president. I heard this in class and my reaction was anything can happen in WWE Jinder is world champion. What do you think happened to the world?”
  • “What’s your opinion on this whole racist Jinder Mahal promo?”
  • “At the NXT Tapings, The Undisputed Era teased Roderick Strong joining them. Would you like that to happen?”
  • Do you think Taynara Conti was the right chose for the faction?”
  • “Do you seriously believe we’ll get the Four Horsewoman vs. Four Horsewoman match?”
  • Do you think Ronda Rousey will fully sign with WWE?”
  • “Final thoughts on Big Brother 19?”
  • Your thoughts on the celebrity season?”
  • Thoughts on how Paul got screwed?”
  • And thoughts on a possible all star season for season 20?”
  • “Who do you see Kurt Angle facing at Mania 34 or whenever?”
  • “Poka Dots or Stripes?”
  • “Do you think Cody will fight at WWE Starcade, as Hayes offered him to team up with Goldust?”
  • “Are you fond of WWE trying to have The New Day break the tag team title reign record?”
  • “When will Carmella cash in?”
  • “What brand will Paige go to?”
  • “What’s your favorite color?”
  • “Would you be down with Strowman vs. Wyatt at WrestleMania?”
  • “Will WWE treat Jason Jordan as another Roman Reigns guy?”
  • “Should WWE consider putting NXT on live TV?”
  • “Is there going to be a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic?”
  • “I know it’s early, but who would you have be inducted in the Hall of Fame?”
  • “Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?”
  • “What do you think about this Velveteen Dream and Aleister Black matchup?”
  • “Do you play the WWE 2K Game?”
  • “Are you more of a veggie or fruit person?”
  • “Will we get that bragging rights survivor series matchups again?”

Hosted by Anthony Mango



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