Seth Rollins: The True Winner of The Royal Rumble


Well, after a few days removed from the infamous Royal Rumble 2015, it seems as though we have the same things being said over and
over again. Truthfully, I don’t know how many more articles I can take written
about Roman Reigns or why the Rumble match was so bad. Before I go any further
in this article, here is my own recap to that match….

  • Bubba Ray as a surprise entrant was great. I
    thought the collaboration between him and R-Truth was well scripted and played
    out even better.
  • 75% of the wrestlers entered in that match would
    have served better selling merchandise in the concourse area
  • DDP…Really…..Yes his contributions outside the
    ring are amazing, but one word comes to mind about his career. Overrated!
  • Daniel Bryan was eliminated too early and the
    buzzards were sounded from that point after..
  • Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose had a great showing
    and deserved much more than to be eliminated by 2 overinflated, washed up
    superstars, whose choke slams look as believable as Casper the friendly ghost.
  • Roman Reigns was hung out to dry, but he needs
    to man up and deal with it.

Okay now that the politics of the match are done, let’s look
at the true winner of the Royal Rumble, which was Seth Rollins. For my money,
Seth stole the show in that electric triple threat match for the WWE
Championship. Yes, John Cena put on a great show and Brock Lesnar eventually
won the match, but that, in my eyes, was expected. Seth Rollins showed that he
is ready to lead the charge and become the next champion. I think his in-ring
ability has come a long way and now he just has to work on his promo skills. All
of the wrestling fans want to point to his tremendous leap off the top rope
onto the Spanish announce table, but I think the way he conducted himself
within the confines of the ring impressed me even more.

When The Shield was together, I constantly tried to envision
each of them in a singles capacity and Rollins was always my last hope. I know
he had a nice background, but I just felt the power of Reigns and Charisma of Ambrose
both would outshine him in the spotlight. Well, his future is starting to
evolve and is looking brighter now then at any other point in his career. I
think being the Authority’s bitch boy has relegated his reaction, but after the
championship match you heard the universe give him his proper due.

I am truly having a hard time seeing Rollins being left out of
the Main Event at Wrestlemania 31. The briefcase has been held for a long time
and after seeing his performance at the Rumble I think he could put on a better
showing than Reigns. Reigns to me is like another Batista, but with more mobility.
I think that is one of the main reasons why the Universe started to get bored
with him and look for other avenues of connection. Of course the return of
Daniel Bryan didn’t help his cause either.

Now, I know I may get slammed for this, but I truly believe Seth
Rollins has a chance to be the best showman and superstar since Shawn Michaels.
HBK took over the WWE at a time when it needed it most. He was the most
electric champion at that time and helped the WWE remain above water. Now is
Seth’s time to shine and help inject some new life into a dying show. Will he ever
have Michael’s charisma, No! However, if he keeps working on his technique, he
could become the closest thing we’ve seen to his character in quite some time. Thoughts?

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