Sheamus Best For Business? My Thoughts On The State Of The WWE Roster.


We’re left with a bunch of mid-carders fighting in the main event, while the established talent are sat on the bench. We can’t be expected to believe Barrett is main event strong now he’s joined The Authority. It’s difficult to take the product seriously because of the shift, so you have a choice, you can stop watching the product and wait for the established guys to return, or you can accept what WWE has to offer. It’s not ideal for some, but the only way stars are made is when the fans choose to connect. How can we create stars (remember what Warrior said) if we don’t cheer for the new guys when they need support? Why didn’t fans of Ambrose drown out the Roman Empire at Survivor Series? Why does Ziggler only get lukewarm receptions? If the WWE fans really want change, now is the time, because there’s no Cena, Orton, or Rollins; it’s an even playing field.

Speaking of using old names and not pushing young talent. While I fully appreciated The Undertaker getting a win at Survivor Series for his 25th anniversary, the manner in which The Brothers Of Destruction (Taker is 50, Kane is 48) dismantled four members of The Wyatt Family in ten minutes was absolutely the wrong way to go about it. Why make it SOOOO one-sided? Why couldn’t The Wyatt Family come close to beating The Brothers of Destruction? Why was they made to look so weak? And who paid the price for that? The Dudley Boyz on the following Raw. The Wyatt Family lost one match and now they’re strong again because they beat the old Dudley Boyz? No! No! No! The Wyatt Family are so freaking weak, they have FOUR guys lose in ten minutes to two old legends who really should have lost the match if WWE was ever considering their young talents future. Once again, I’m a little annoyed so moving on.

Changing subject! The growing list of injuries in WWE is something I’ve talked about before. The problem with WWE is .. it’s a machine, and the workers do not get benefits of fully employed workers. They are freelance, (despite all the restrictions placed in their contracts), so they will work as long as they can, and they don’t get guaranteed time to recover from injuries. Wrestling needs an off-season, or the workers need guaranteed time off, even if it’s a month per year, because traveling on the road and working so many times a week is something which inevitably leads to severe injuries. Also “losing your spot” creates anxiety for the wrestlers having to take time off with injuries; they may have to work even longer to get back to where they were. They should be allowed time to rest, take a holiday, spend time with family, finish other projects, anything which can physically and mentally help them recover.

Of course, with injuries there’s always unavoidable incidents in the ring, but how many severe injuries would occur if the wrestlers were forced to sit out and rest their minor injuries? I mean, I know it’s never going to happen because Vince is a workhorse and will never understand the concept of rest, but it’s still something to talk about considering the recent sidelining. We hate on wrestlers who walk away from the business, but as fans we can’t fully comprehend how difficult it is to be a WWE wrestler; we only show respect to talent when they are out with injury, and sometimes not even then. Just look at Seth Rollins, before his injury I would see comments like “I HATE ROLLINS HE SUCKS, I WISH HE WOULD DIE!”, but the second his injury was announced .. “WE LOVE YOU SETH COME BACK SOON!”, and “OMG SETH IS GOING TO GET HUGE POP WHEN HE RETURNS!”.

And I’m just sat here, reading these comments and thinking .. well, he’s supposed to be playing the arsehole, but yet, when he was on the roster fans were sick of him, and suddenly he’s gone and everyone wants him to return as a babyface? I remember something The Joker said in Batman .. “You know what I’ve noticed? Nobody panics when things go “according to plan.” Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan”. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!”.

And that’s what happened here, Rollins was part of the plan, and then suddenly he wasn’t, and the response was overwhelmingly positive despite his long heel run. “But Kyle, we were just showing him our love and appreciation!”, and I can understand that, but it’s wrong to give a kayfabe heel champion praise, even if he’s going out with a severe injury; did he not get enough heat while he was WWE Champ? Would it have been the same if he, in advance, announced he was going to be out with injury? I highly doubt it. And we shouldn’t be looking forward to cheering for Rollins, we should be looking forward to booing him out of the building!

I’m going to finish my random assortment of thoughts by talking about Kevin Owens. Seriously, if any of you want Owens to reach the top .. you need to boo him! If you appreciate his work, if you appreciate him as a wrestler, if you appreciate his mic skills, you need to show your respect by booing him! He needs to be booed out of the building, because he’s that good. It’s disrespectful to cheer a guy who’s playing the heel, it means he’s not doing enough to piss you off. If you want Owens to be a World Champion, booing him more than anyone else is the way to go. Vince gauges a good heel by negative reactions, not by the “cool” reactions. Let your suspension of disbelief flow through you.Think about this .. Sheamus gets a bigger heel reaction than Owens does. Is that right? Is Sheamus a better heel than Owens? Does Sheamus’ look annoy you more than the words coming out of Owen’s mouth?

I originally wrote this two days ago, but I couldn’t find the time to edit til now. Today I went through this piece and added more to it, as much as I could without seeing this weeks episode of Smackdown. I guess, if you’re going to take anything away from this, you can take the following points with you.

  • Vince refuses to push new stars unless they fit his “template” (like Reigns), and he’s shot himself in the foot as now he’s forced to work with mid-carders who’re clearly not ready in the fans eyes.
  • Vince still uses the same old guys when it suits, and it continues to damage this generations crop of wrestlers.
  • While Sheamus isn’t ideal for many, he’s the only choice left, aside from putting the strap on Reigns (who many say isn’t ready), Ambrose (demoted to the mid-card), Bray Wyatt (lost every feud he’s ever had), or a part-timer like Lesnar or The Undertaker. So you have to do a Batista and “DEAL WITH IT!” til either 1) someone returns, or 2) Vince pulls his finger out and really pushes someone.
  • “Fans” need to learn the difference between a babyface and a heel, and the fact that cheering a heel is NOT helping the heel you claim to support. Support your favourite heel by booing the living crap out of them at every opportunity. And stop the dumb “you look stupid” chant at Sheamus; think of something more insulting.
  • The commentary teams comments on Dean Ambrose pissed me off so much I can’t explain my feelings without stringing several caps lock curse words together. And I’m not the biggest Ambrose fan, far from it; I just hate it when Vince forces commentary to embarrass the talent.
  • Seth Rollins should not come back as a babyface. He should return as a heel, and he should get the loudest jeers since Hogan turned heel in 1996. That’s how you pay respect to Rollins!
  • With so many main event talent on the sidelines, it’s time for stars to be made, so the fans should let Vince know who they want to see pushed, but they should also remain skeptical because he could just be waiting for Bryan, Cena or Orton to return; also you can tell he’s panicking with all the recent returns in such a short time.

Before I conclude, I have not read Foley’s rant on Survivor Series, I’ll be looking for that after I’ve finished here; I’m hoping his views line up with mine. Sorry if the piece didn’t have focus, usually I would focus on something, research it, explain it, and it would be great, but this time I just needed to get things off my chest. Despite the recent turn of events, I will be watching with intrigue.

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