Sheamus Should Return As A Heel


The Royal Rumble pay-per-view is right around the corner and of course there is a ton of speculation on who will return. Sheamus has been someone who has been from the bottom to the top in WWE. He Has held the WWE championship and other major championships.

His character needs a bit of a returning once he returns.

Sheamus has been a good guy for a the better part of three years. The guy can wrestler with anyone and if he is serious about the situation, he can be intense as anyone in the locker room.

He is not a young buck anymore (age 35) and is to return off a torn labrum (Shoulder) injury soon. When he first made his main roster debut, he was a heel and got things started in a bang. Once he made it over to Raw in late 2009, he went into a program with John Cena which he ended up winning the WWE title.

“The Celtic Warrior” has been a baby-face for most of his run in WWE. The last we saw the former WWE champion, he was not in any programs AKA feuds. He was doing a bit where he was in 1800-fella bits that were corny. Some were funny, but you have someone who at one point was the number two baby-face in the company and now doing these. He feels like a joke.

A superstar of that talent should be in the main programs on the show. He was lost and felt like an after thought.

Sheamus has done some really good stuff in WWE up until now. “The Great White” needs to come back and reinvent himself. He has not had a heel run in a while, so let’s change it up.

He will be returning at anytime, i just feel that it should not be a wasted opportunity whenever he does return.

Let the comments begin!

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