Should Austin Theory or John Cena Win at WrestleMania 39?


Ever since the announcement of John Cena’s appearance on the March 6 episode of Monday Night Raw, fans have been waiting for the confirmation of what has seemingly been inevitable. And it is here, as the much-anticipated WWE United States Championship between Austin Theory and John Cena is finally upon us. Both superstars have teased the idea of facing each other for what seems like years now. Everything will finally come to fruition at WrestleMania 39.

There has been a lot of talk about who should walk out of WrestleMania with a victory. Should WWE make a statement and show that the up-and-coming Theory is here to stay at the top of the card? Or is it time for Cena to pick up a big win, a win that Cena has not had in quite some time? It’s time to break down the reasons why both Theory and Cena should take home the United States Championship.

Why Austin Theory Should Win at WrestleMania


WWE's Austin Theory

1. This is the chance to solidify him as a main event talent

Austin Theory has already been successful on the main roster. He was aligned with Vince McMahon at last year’s WrestleMania. He is a 2x WWE United States Champion. And he has also been Mr. Money in the Bank. However, he is still not considered to be this super-mega superstar who fans are just dying to see. His title runs have been average at best, and his run with the Money in the Bank was pointless and weird to begin with, losing his cash-in attempt for not even the world championship. This is the chance for WWE to right their wrongs and give Theory a huge win at the biggest event in wrestling history. Cena is one of, if not the, biggest names in wrestling. It’s not like Cena isn’t bulletproof. I mean he’s a 16x World Champion for crying out loud. Theory has shown that he is passionate about this industry, making it his mission to continue the buzz of a potential match with Cena for a year now. Give Theory the win and finally build him up as someone who can potentially beat a Cody Rhodes for one of the world titles.

2. There are different ways to have Theory win

Theory is a cowardly heel. We know this. Even though I would prefer Theory to win clean over Cena, there’s are other ways that you can have Theory win, whereas for his opponent, Cena is not going to cheat to win. You can have Theory protect Cena by using the tights, putting his feet on the rope, low blows, etc. WWE can do everything in their power to give Theory the win even if it means him still looking like a coward. At the end of the day, that’s his character and regardless of the winner, I don’t see a change in character anytime soon. It also would make sense. This is for the United States Championship. Of course, Theory is going to do everything in his power to win. His ability to cheat to win will also continue to position him as a major heel in the company going forward. This match between Austin Theory and John Cena can be concluded in so many ways.

3. Full-time Champion is better than Part-time Champion

If Cena defeats Theory at WrestleMania, we may be looking at a situation where we have a part-time United States Champion. We’ve already seen with the world titles that having a part-time guy at the top of your roster, is not the best decision. Now yes, a midcard championship is not nearly as important as the world title. However, the new Triple H regime has shown that they care about these midcard titles. Whether it’s being involved in interesting storylines or main eventing Monday Night Raw, there is now importance with these championships again. Cena is a busy man. He’s a Hollywood star and is surely primed for more gigs this year. Regardless of his name value, it is not worth pushing the United States Championship into obscurity. Give Theory a strong run with the title and have him elevate the championship. A full-time champ is almost always better than a part-time guy holding the belt.

Why John Cena Should Win at WrestleMania

WWE's John Cena

1. He needs to win a big-time match to regain “credibility”

Now credibility is in quotations for a reason. Obviously, Cena will always carry some sort of credibility. Like mentioned above, he is a bonafide star anytime he steps foot in the ring. However, when was the last time he has one a big-time match? Once nicknamed “Big-Match John,” the last time he won at WrestleMania was in 2017, in a meaningless mixed tag team match against The Miz and Maryse. He has also recently failed to win the title against Roman Reigns, he failed to beat Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Funhouse match, and he has not won any type of championship since 2017, the year he became a 16x world champion. Frankly, it’s about time Cena get a big win under the bright lights again. He has lost far too much to the point where even his past haters are clamoring for a Cena victory. Theory can take the loss as well. He’s still only 25 years old. A loss to Cena is not some dramatic defeat.

2. A short run with the title can bring even more prestige

Who’s to say Cena won’t go on a short full-time run? Cena could easily win the title and hold it for a month before taking his yearlong break. A win by Cena will also bring more prestige to the United States Championship. Despite the title being resurrected from inconsistencies by this new regime, it would be a major boost to have a star like Cena hold the title. A temporary title run by Cena can also open the door for other potential storylines. Maybe you can give Theory his win back? Maybe another up-and-coming guy on the roster like Bronson Reed or Johnny Gargano can take the title off Cena. How about Finn Balor? The possibilities are endless for Cena and adds a level of unpredictability for the title that we haven’t seen in quite a while.

3. A win here can build up a possible 17th World Championship

WrestleMania 40 is next year. A big number for the biggest event of the year. How great would it be if this win here helps kickstart Cena breaking the WWE World Championship record. Cena is well-deserving of breaking this long-standing record as well. He pulled WWE out of a tough transition period for the company and is one of the few past superstars that still recognizes his past glory and love for the business. All the time we see and hear Cena mention just how much he loves WWE. However, in order for him to break that record, you need him to start building himself up with meaningful wins. A pointless non-title feud in late 2023 or an out of nowhere Royal Rumble win won’t feel as special if there isn’t some type of recent success for Cena to go off of. Austin Theory and John Cena present WWE with a golden opportunity to create something great off the backs of this. The match at WrestleMania can truly be the start of WWE setting the stage for history to be made.

Regardless of who wins, it is certain that this is one of the more marquee matches for fans to tune into on the card.

What are your thoughts on the Austin Theory and John Cena match at WrestleMania 39? Who do you think should win? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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