Site Note: eWrestlingNews Beta Launch


Dear Readers, as some of you may know that we’re going under a major major overhaul. We’ve been working very hard and away the last 2 months to put this together for all of you.

We believe that what we are going to show you is a major improvement on your experience as a reader, but mostly as a community member.

We’re releasing a platform that will allow all member to contribute news, media, editorials, and wrestler information. We will be needing editors to curate articles, moderators to enforce rules, and members to contribute. We’re looking forward to a very active and rewarding community.

We’re also creating a mobile version of the site that many of you will have a easier time reading article on your portable devices. Upload photos via the application and blog live at events.

We will be integrating our commenting and forum into a much simpler and user friendly Single Sign On experience.

In addition to all of those updates, we’re also working hard on a MMA/UFC sister site. Which will be lead by our head of editorial, Matt Boone.

As you can see there are a lot of features on the docks right now. Our beta is almost ready… but we ask you give us a little more time. As all development and production alike, sometimes things do fall behind. Without too many excuses, we did hit some road bumps that are being sorted out right now.

So I look forward to introducing our new site. We’re currently estimated to put sometime up for you guys by next week!

Stay tuned and enjoy the Rumble!

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