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I was going to write a full on article about one topic but got some writers block so decided to bring up a few different points.

So for a long time on here I’ve seen people raving about Tyson Kidd. I can honestly say I’ve never really took any notice of him (probably as he never featured that prominently) and therefore never realised what a talent he is. Watching him over the past couple of months I’ve seen how great he could be. He reminds me of Cena when he first debuted against Kurt Angle way back in 2002. He has got the same build and look and obviously has more than five moves! He’s still young and obviously getting some experience under his belt by going through the tag division with Cesaro. Does anyone remember what happened in the weeks following Cenas debut? Did he go through the learning curve or was he thrown in with the likes of Angle etc? I can’t remember!

So we’ve finally got to our predictable main event for Wrestlemania, with Brock Lesnar defending against Roman Reigns. As much as I’d like to see Brock win the match, I hope he doesn’t as I can’t stand the thought of another six months with a champion who isn’t around much. I’ve enjoyed Brock being around this last year (when he has shown) but another six months would be a disaster for the title. I’m also quite intrigued to see what Reigns could bring to the title and see if this would elevate him and make him up his game further. I don’t like the idea of a Reigns vs Bryan feud though!

So it’s going on March and still no cash in from money in the bank holder, Seth Rollins. Is he really going to cash in at Wrestlemania? Maybe even the raw after? I think Seth has been fantastic over the past year and has really gone up a level. Can I see him as champion? Well I never would have seen Jeff Hardy as champion but Seth I believe has the ability to exceed what Jeff accomplished. I wish they would make him less of a runaway weasel type and give him a couple of badass, solid wins against top names, just to cement him in the top leagues. 

Taker to lose two Wrestlemanias in a row? Surely not right? 21-2?? If he was going up against anyone else I’d say hell no. But he’s up against Bray Wyatt! Bray lost last year to Cena (which still makes me sick by the way) and now he’s up against the venom. Is this the Undertaker passing the torch to Wyatt? I wouldn’t have thought Wyatt would lose two Wrestlmanias in succession when they are supposedly building him towards being a top star, but I never would have thought the venom would lose two in succession either! This has me really intrigued, more so than the main event and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. As you probably can tell I’m a Wyatt fan!

Seeing R Truth this past week on Raw has made me wonder – what happened to R Truth?? When he had the lil jimmy gimmick as a heel and he was actually main eventing he was hilarious! R Truth – heel = solid. Don’t get me wrong he’s not the next champion or anything but a solid, entertaining mid carder, not a waste of space jobber as he has been the past year or two.

New day? Same problems. What a complete waste of time. I’ve never seen a group have such little crowd reaction. Can anyone think of a group who has as little crowd reaction as the new day? It makes me angry aswel because Big E certainly has the potential to be decent and Kofi also I think could be great. He’s another who seems stuck in mediocrity.

Which brings me to Cesaro. When he was given the mic a few weeks back and he looked angry, he cut a terrible promo. I thought just for a second, here’s the next pipe bomb. What did we get? Stumbling over his words and saying “when I step in these four ropes.” Then realising what he’d said and looking like an idiot. He has tons of potential in the ring but on the mic, what is happening? Please get these guys some proper mic training or don’t script it cos they can’t handle it.

Wrestlemania has me thinking. They have Rollins, Reigns, Wyatt and Rusev all going possibly into one on one matches. Perfect chance to create four big NEW stars?Anyway that’ll do for now.

Please leave any feedback/comments below and thanks for reading!

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