Smack Talk Podcast #403 – August 2019 Mailbag Q&A


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Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • WWE signs Austin Theory, Santana Garrett, Tehuti Miles, EJ Nduka, Aleksandar Jaksic, Briana Brandy, Rita Reis, Marcos Gomes, and Catalina Garcia
  • Kendo Kashin joins WWE Performance Center coaching staff
  • Kalisto and Gran Metalik will be free agents in 10 months
  • NXT on USA beginning September 18th
  • Edge thinks he can wrestle another match
  • Tony Schiavone signs to All Elite Wrestling
  • WWE filing trademark for Shorty G, possibly for Chad Gable’s new gimmick
  • WWE Photo Shoot with Big Show
  • + more random topics and discussion

Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: August Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “With Russi Taylor passing do you will ever go back into ned Flanders classroom? She voiced Lewis Sherri Terri Wendell Martian uter dr hibberts daughters”
  • “What do you think the galar Pokémon forms? Since galar is the uk callum can you explain why weezing has the Springfield nuclear powerplant on his back?”
  • “Did you watch rockos modern life movie?”
  • “What do you think of Kevin wrestle zone joking about fighting you for Rob during fast food summer slam? Speaking of Kevin can we give an honorary fuck to that to scalpers?”
  • “Does Carmella look stupid not pinning truth for 24/7 title after we saw women being able to win the title?”
  • “When blissful cross won women’s tag titles I thought Mandy is from ny Sonya is from nj. Why do you think they didn’t win the tag titles at mania for the hometown pop?”
  • “Do you think Trish has last match her last match? I know she talks about wanting wrestle Alexa and I feel Sasha might have promised a match helping the return”
  • “Do you the tna superstars who came to wwe not counting Vega and styles wish they didn’t come to wwe”
  • “Why is WWE Main Event showing a women’s match on a weekly basis these days?”
  • “During the 1980’s wrestlers had worn makeup but in today’s wrestling, wrestlers are sporting more tattoos on their bodies. So let me ask you this, Are tattoos the new makeup?”
  • “When I hear the name “Shorty G” it reminded me of when they changed Jesse from Jesse & Festus to Slam Master J back in 2009, if you remember that he was supposed to be this poor man’s rapper, that gimmick was just quite awful and I hated it. Do you think Chad could go this route?”
  • “Even though he just signed a new contract with WWE, The Undertaker’s in-ring career is winding down. If he only has one final match, and assuming he goes out on his back, who would you like to see “bury” the Deadman once and for all?”
  • “Do you prefer the current direction of Bray Wyatt only showing up sporadically as The Fiend or would you rather “Sweater Bray” be there every week warning people not to provoke The Fiend?”
  • “Who is your winner in the current “Chicken Sandwich Triple Threat”? Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, or Popeye’s?”
  • “Current thoughts on Big Brother 21? Aren’t u pissed like I am that Kat is gone? Who do you think is going to win as it’s just about the halfway point? I’m think right now Tommy and Holly in the end for some reason with Tommy being named the winner”
  • “Do you like Tostitos? Pop Tarts? Peas?”
  • “Are you excited for It 2?”
  • “Who should request their release first: Sami Zayn or Robert Roode?”
  • “Rate Daniel Bryan as a heel on a scale of 1-10? I’ll give it a 100000000”
  • “Triple H seemingly said Mae Young Classic is coming back. Who are some names you would like to see?”
  • “Would you rather see Tessa Blanchard come to WWE, or LAX?”
  • “Would you rather have the Wild Card Rule continue or Vince McMahon have some part in NXT?”
  • “When do you see Daniel Bryan turning Babyface again?”
  • “Do you see Ricochet ever winning a World Title?”
  • “Do you think Mysterio & Dominic will end up winning the Tag Titles?”
  • “Do you or did you ever like Mario Kart? Mario Kart is one of my favorite games ever”
  • “Thoughts on NXT officially moving to TV?”
  • “Do you think NXT will ever have their own Hall of Fame?”
  • “Do you think Chris Jericho will ever come back to WWE?”



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