Smack Talk Podcast #448 – Quarter 3 Mailbag Q&A Inbox


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Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: Quarter 3 Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “Who’s the next superstar to break out in hollywood? First the rock, then cena, now?”
  • “If you’re eyes had a one time use photo or 30 second film time, what would it be? For example like something no one would believe you “
  • “How would you book the first ever cyborg to wrestle?like an actual A.I robot”
  • “This is my first time asking questions so I’ll try to ask the juicy shit that people wanna know lol Tony how did you meet Caroline, is it a fairytale in new york story or more kid falling down Pennywise’s sewer kinda deal”
  • “What have you guys found to be the best distraction during quarantine, y’ll can’t stay on pornhub forever and there’s only so much wrestling we can take before we explode in a much different way than pornhub :)”
  • “I know you’re running the sexy superstar tournament currently but who would your all time Male and female picks be?”
  • “What do you think of the hidden messages in the alphabet? Hi, JK, SUV and LMNO it was never Laugh my ass off, it was always laugh my nuts off”
  • “If Burns confession of Maggie or Homer’s Season 18 confession of shooting Burns is false, do you these guys could have done it? Chief Wiggum who would question the Chief of police. Lisa seem to know too much in part 2, if she didn’t do it, she knows who did, Burns says Maggie thinking Lisa is Maggie. Marge Burns as the hots for. Abe knowing the last Hellfish would die, he shot Burns to get the fortune both Maggie’s are you can’t convict a baby. Homer with assistance from Bart. If you look at Krusty after Burns is shoot, he is as drawn as Homer from Hommie the Clown, Bart helped Homer change. Maggie explanation is blackmail for Burns on Krusty”
  • “Do dislike a voice after being recast? My is Martin Prince’s new voice, but I know people hate Homer Simpson as The Gennie in Return of Jafar”
  • “In our tournament going on, not sure if I should say name because of YouTube what do you think was a bigger upset Strong beating Roman or Lacey beating Renee?”
  • “Do you think the NXT Call ups will stay call ups when the world returns to normal? Belair disappeared, Riddle has his issue and I think a tag team was called up, but I forget who they were JK”
  • “Who else do you think could be erased from history from WWE? Enzo and the reason asked Del Rio are on the list. I think Cody will be welcomed back because of Dusty”
  • “What is your favorite cinematic match? How would you list the other ones?”
  • “Why do you like Mandy and Sonya’s feud? I hate it so much, worse feud of the year. Mandy is the heel for saying Sonya’s not a fighter and Sonya is the face for calling Mandy the hot blonde who gets what she wants for that. Also Sonya said she it for us and my immediate reaction was Sonya was a face who was looking out for her friend because Otis is wrong for her, Dolph’s douchebag here’s a one night stand, the character of Mandy is bi and should be with Sonya. Ps now I’m fine with Otis now, but when he beat Dolph I was the two biggest heels just won”
  • “Why were most of the WWE releases involved male wrestlers and not female wrestlers? Is the Women’s Evolution to blame?”
  • “I was wondering if you remember when Jake Roberts was talking to The Undertaker on The Funeral Parlor back in 1992 when Jake was asking him as to “which side are you on” and Undertaker had said “not yours”? Do you think that The Undertaker should\’ve remained tag team with Jake and stayed heel? I really thought that The Undertaker was supposed to be a dark character but then fans years later had started to enjoy death, caskets and all his magical performances.”
  • “What’s up, fellas? What do you think has been the best match so far in the Corona Era? From a technical standpoint or entertaining standpoint, your opinion.”
  • “If you could guarantee a good World Title run to any WWE or AEW wrestler, who would it be?”
  • “After watching The Last Ride, which has been insanely good, I only have one question…who should make The Undertaker finally Rest In Peace?”
  • “Is Alexa Bliss a future Hall of Famer? She’s a 7x champion and MITB winner at the age of only 28.”
  • “Mustard or Ketchup or neither? I hate both”
  • “How do you pronounce caramel?”
  • “Do you consider yourself to be good at telling jokes?”
  • “Thoughts on Tessa Blanchard possibly signing with WWE?”
  • “Do you think Renee Young might hop over to AEW?”
  • “Do you see Christian being medically cleared to return or do you think it was just a desperate on time thing?”
  • “Red or Green apples?”
  • “Do you think Ripley may be turning heel and will face Io Shirai who will therefore become a babyface?”
  • “Watermelon or Cantaloupe?”
  • “When do you see Velveteen Dream getting released since reportedly his days are numbered? What a shame but that’s what happens :(“
  • “Do you consider yourself to be a drinker?”
  • “What country would you like to visit if you were able to?”
  • “Predictions for Fyter Fest and Great American Bash?”
  • “So Bit Brothers is set to have an Allstate season and apparently people like paul, josh, Derrick, Tyler, Dan, and janelle might be on it. Thoughts? This is probably only for Tony lol”
  • “Are you worried about the lack of depth NXT has?”
  • “What are some words you always spell wrong?”
  • “Have you ever been to Disney? If so what are some of your favorite rides Speaking of Disney, thoughts on splash mountain changing their name.”
  • “Finally, how are feeling about the coronavirus right now? I live in jersey so right now jersey and New York are doing great (for now), and I know Florida is getting hit hard”

Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions with Mark Henry
  • Billy Gunn files trademark for Sons of a Gunn tag team name for his sons Austin and Colten
  • Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson heading to Impact Wrestling with New Japan Pro Wrestling gig on the side
  • Joe Coffey suspended and two NXT UK referees released from WWE
  • Still no news on NXT UK, but WWE wants WALTER on the main roster
  • WWE purchasing EVOLVE and bringing Gabe Sapolsky in for NXT creative position
  • Renee Young releasing a cookbook
  • WWE fining wrestlers $500 for not wearing masks, $1000 on second offense
  • Saurav Gurjar spoils Great American Bash finish for next week, or did NXT record two endings?
  • Full spoilers leak for AEW Fyter Fest night 2
  • Kairi Sane set to leave WWE and return to Japan before retiring after one more year
  • Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw, NXT, Friday Night SmackDown and AEW Dynamite from this week
  • + more random topics and discussion


Paul Heyman’s SmackDown: Episode 2 – Happy Birthday America

  • In Episode 2, we discuss the July 4, 2002 edition of SmackDown, where Hulk Hogan & Edge battled Billy & Chuck for the WWE Tag Team Championships, and the main event saw The Undertaker defend the WWE Undisputed Championship against Kurt Angle.



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